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    Samsung behind Snapdragon overheating rumours?

    Google is buddy. Don't stay in your ignorance
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    Samsung behind Snapdragon overheating rumours?

    They are legitimate technical(not even software related) reasons why SD cards are omitted from smartphones especially it seems on the newer S6 apparently.
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    After a few weeks of Lollipop--LolliPOOP!

    Nexus 5? I run it on my Nexus 4 without any issues!
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    Windows phone...merits?

    "more open android" huh? Cyanogen mod had just been a more unstable android rom and now we all are seeing how doucebaggy the company that has formed from it really is.
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    Windows phone...merits?

    When it was initially release(don't know about now) the W8's performance was worse than the M8. It was jerky terrible. The said nothing about Windows but more about HTC and the job they did optimising Windows for their hardware. Just like would say the same for any Android hardware maker when...
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    Possible to scrape data from Android apps?

    That doesn't seem easily possible if possible at all The only thing I could think of is if the data is store in a file on Android or SQL lite then you could try getting the data from there.
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    Why not more waterproof smartphones ?

    I mostly read about the Nexus 7's being an issue especially the 2012 edition
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    Why not more waterproof smartphones ?

    What are you even taking about? I use both a Nexus 4 and 5 with Lollipop and they are fine. There is the memory leak issue but that only rears its head once in a while. My girlfriend's Moto G with lollipop now that pretty bad but they I did tell to do a wipe to see it if helps but she didnt...
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    Is there an Android equivalent of Cortana ?

    Not true! Only devices Google now works on with the screen off is the MotoX line, Nexus 6 and Note 4
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    Nexus 6 speculation

    Some people would not like to hear that you are calling the Nexus 6 a better phablet than the Note 4. What prompted the switch besides the appeal of stock Android?
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    Dealing with Phone Numbers in web application

    I wrote my own lib for dealing with such in php. I stored the number in the database without any dashes,spaces or parentheses but displayed with. I had to write my own because my webapp didn't use U.S numbers so nothing existed out there before to to this.
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    Best 1080p Chromebook?

    Acer just answered your prays
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    worth going from a nexus 7 2013 to a nexus 9?

    Qualcomm processors have been meh and this one seems no different. When Nvidia's processors start looking and performing much better you know something is wrong. Right now Nvidia is the only one that could give the new Apple processors a run for their money
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    New Cyanogen Smartphone Set to Launch Dec. 18

    Kondik is a dodgy guy and these roms I all find unstable!
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    Qualcomm's Snapdragon 810 chip shows speed isn't everything

    Not impressed with the Snapdragons lately.