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    $80 laptop anyone? Evolve III Maestro E-Book 11.6" Laptop Computer - Dark Grey

    I ordered 5 of these and foolishly drug my feet on opening them up and testing. They only give a 15 day return window on them and they took 7 days to ship. First one I opened, my wife uses. It seems to work fine except after the first round of Windows updates, it now won't update. Second one I...
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    1 Million point challenge

    LODA makes 71 for me.
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    World Community Grid

    The test batches were small but I didn't receive any work on Android whatsoever. I did get some on the x86/x64 boxes
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    PrimeGrid's 2022 Challenge Series

    It is also one of my smaller badges at kinda wanted to run this one...haha
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    PrimeGrid's 2022 Challenge Series

    I'm getting a late start due to my daughter's birthday. But moving things over. Probably will just be a drop in the bucket.
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    Perpetual Free Steam Codes Thread

    Somebody already claimed it without chiming in.
  7. Gilthanis BOINC fun and interesting for all involved.

    I think the number of sprints was ok. The problem was trying to do all of the sprints, all of PG series, all of SETI.Germany's events, and anything else that popped up in the process. Just way too much in general. It becomes exhausting. Combine that with the fact that a lot of the science has no...
  8. Gilthanis BOINC fun and interesting for all involved.

    Though I have the same feelings on the replication of event ideas and fragmenting what's left, I do feel like he is making real effort where others have failed. It is very early on still in the working of things and so will have some issues. Since he isn't building the site himself, he is at the...
  9. Gilthanis BOINC fun and interesting for all involved.

    Yeah... BG's is still in BETA mode as Skillz is still working out a lot of bugs. We haven't advertised it much because it really isn't ready for prime time just yet. Glad to see some interest from you guys and others. Definitely post any and all issues with the site in his forums because that is...
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    Best Video Cards for DCing?

    What is "best" to run really comes down to a lot of factors. Each project has different needs and the hardware that runs "best" on them can also be different. For example, some projects run better on nVidia cards. Some on AMD because of the implementation of OpenCL. Typically the projects will...
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    World Community Grid

    I would prefer that they scrap the Frankensteined setup and just update to the latest BOINC server. Then work on getting all the other controls they want added later. Maybe actually help develop the server code to improve all projects. But, you know that will never happen.
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    The new "died in the line of duty" thread

    I've had many phones do that over time. I've been abusing the Visible Swap deal to replace some of them cheaply though.
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    RagingSamster's Boxen race 2022 - Universe@home

    Yup...I had them mixed up. You are correct. The T5610 I have, I bought off of ebay.
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    RagingSamster's Boxen race 2022 - Universe@home

    2 I believe as that is what I picked up from
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    Vote: DC'er of the Month: April 2022 - second attempt

    He would make someone a pretty good wife.....