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    360mm EK AIO - Variants

    I have the 360 RGB. I pulled off the Vardar fans and replaced them with Phanteks T30-120. Much quieter and moves more air and cools really well. Have had it over a year with no issue. Run the pump at 70%.
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    Quiet pwm fans?

    If you are looking for 120mm fans, Phanteks T30. I have 3 pulling in air through a 360mm radiator and they are quiet and the sound quality is very good. Very high quality, They are not cheap though.
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    best long lasting thermal compound?

    Thermal Grizzly pumps out at higher temperatures so your temperatures rise after some time. It also slightly scratches the surfaces, bit that is minor. I am having good luck with Noctua NT-H2 now.
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    What's a good therman grease? Are thermal pads any good?

    If you run your CPU hot a lot, I found thermal Grizzly pumps out and dries up and your temperatures start to rise. It is very good other than this. Noctua NT-H2 paste is very good. It is what I am using now. I have an aio and my idle temeperatures are < 1c above ambient room temperature.
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    AIO vs NH-U12A on 5800x

    While It is true that Fractal stock fans aren't that great (they aren't garbage though, that is just exaggeration- mine are sitting in a boxthough). I have had Noctua case fans in my Fractal Design Meshify 2 case with an nh-d15 and also with a EK-AIO 360 AIO that easily beats the Noctua and...
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    Suggestions for compact case with 360mm Rad and 320mm GPU support

    Same with Meshify 2 and Meshify 2 XL - according to your leaning. I think a lot of mid-size cases are more compatible with a 240 and 360 rather than 280 or 420 - due to memory clearance - they would need to be extra wide to accommodate 140mm fan/radiator width.
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    Opinions, options for air cooling 5900x

    Can't go wrong with this as far as air cooling.
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    10600k at 98-99c

    You can delid. That will help quite a bit.
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    Best online shops for GPU's?

    B&H offers returns and are generally better priced than Newegg and have a better selection than Amazon.
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    Best online shops for GPU's?

    Check out B&H too. They carry high end graphics at good prices. They have a good return policy too. That is wwhere I got my 2070 Super.
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    1070 to 2070 Super upgrade?

    I went from a 1070 to Asus 2070 Super Advanced because I wanted to game 1440p. Well worth it. I went from arounfd45 fps to 80 fps smaat2x in SOTR. Caan ray-trace medium with smaat2x in same game at 72 fps average.
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    I think my PSU is Dying. Help me Confirm?

    My guess is it was the cheap connector on the extension cable in this case. Resistance in the connector heated it up eventually causing the connector to fail and short-out, resulting in a large current flowing through the wire and melting the insulation. Extensions on such high current cables...
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    Noctua NH-D15, Couple questions.

    i meant d15s
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    Noctua NH-D15, Couple questions.

    You might also look at the 14Ds. It has one fan, but there is little difference in cooling. And it is cheaper and has better clearances. Good move in either case. Never heard of a RGB version. Doesn't seem like a Noctua thing.
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    Looking for a reliable titanium 700w-800w PSU

    I have one of these - Prime Ultra Plus 750. A very good PSU, I can recommend it without hesitation 12 yr warranty.