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  • Hi!

    I found your system spec. in 10TB+ Storage topic and, I saw You are using a 9550SXU 8LP controller, I have a same device and a 9550SXU 12 controller too. As I saw You use the controller with 1,5TB disks which isn't on official compatibility list. Unfortunately there isn't any larger disk than 1TB disk on the list. I have trouble with the non compatible disk with an old 7506-8 controller, 16MB cached WD500 IDE disk RAID5 array write performance is awful, meanwhile the 8MB cached 250GB IDE RAID5 array are perform well.... So, my question is, are You satisfied with the 1,5TB disk array performance? Can You do a benchmarks to Me, with ATTO, do You know ATTO? :) What are You think, which hard disk will be the best choice for 9550SXU 8/12? The WD RE disk are very expensive. I don't think they worth the money. Thanks in advance!

    Best regards:

    bandyTA :)
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