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    Microsoft Office Professional 2021 for Windows: Lifetime License $49.99

    Is this a lifetime subscription for Office or just Office 2021?
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    Looking for a functionless keyboard

    Your best bet would probably be to find a 60% keyboard with a customizable function layer and just set that layer to do nothing.
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    Looking for a functionless keyboard

    I would expect that every keyboard of that size has a function layer since there's a perfect spot for the FN key in the lower right. What would expect to be in that place instead? Do you have a specific issue with an FN key, or are you looking for minimal for the sake of minimal?
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    No keyboard for me

    "keys that feel good under fingers" is entirely subjective. If you like typing on a Model F as you mention, Unicomp is making new Model M's:
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    How to use max bandwidth for prolonged time?

    And for how long? A gigabit connection will (theoretically) download 7.5 GB/min, 450 GB/hr, 10.8 TB/day. You'll need to play with the formula: bandwidth * time = file size.
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    Any quiet 10-keyLESS keyboards?

    If that is the one you want, then just buy it. At $15 its basically free.
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    Any quiet 10-keyLESS keyboards?

    High quality comfortable peripherals are an investment in your mental and physical health. They are worth every penny!
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    Any quiet 10-keyLESS keyboards?

    The keyboard itself is only 1 factor for loudness. If you bang the snot out of the keys, any keyboard will be loud.
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    Xfinity - Cable Modem question

    Note that with Xfinity xFi service, you have to pay $5 extra per month to use your own modem.
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    Looking for a good 1800 Compact Keyboard

    Most operating systems offer on-screen keyboards where scroll lock should be available if you were to need it. Windows definitely does.
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    Looking for a good 1800 Compact Keyboard

    Is scroll lock a key you use? I don't think I've ever intentionally pressed it in more than 30 years of computer use.
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    Looking for a good 1800 Compact Keyboard
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    AMD Ryzen 5 5600x $269.99

    What are some of the reasons someone would choose the 3700X over the 5600X?
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    Who is Accessory Power / Enhance ? How can they offer lifetime warranty for their mice?

    The "extended lifetime warranty" likely only covers factory defects, not normal wear and tear. If you use it for 5 years and it dies, the company will probably just claim it is normal wear and not cover anything. The word "lifetime" is also subjective.
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    Steelcase Leap V2? (NEW OPEN BOX) $299.11

    Try reaching out to your local authorized Steelcase dealer: You could also try: