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    Malaysian authorities crush 1,069 crypto mining rigs with a steamroller

    I wonder if the GPUs in them are salvageable? lol!
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    have you gotten your new NVidia/AMD upgrade card yet? Why not?

    I managed to get a 3090 FE. I bought it from Best Buy at MSRP so I didn't have to pay a scalper but it was still a lot of money. Two weeks before that I ordered a 3080 FE in a drop but it didn't make it to my store. On the next drop I was getting something at all costs. Turned out to be the 3090 FE.
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    New OLED Nintendo Switch dropping October 8th

    If availability is decent I may trade in my original Switch and Switch Lite to get one.
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    Doom Eternal RTX greyed out on laptop RTX 3060

    Looks like this is a common issue with RTX 3060 laptops. Some say it has to do with the iGPU. Maybe try updating the Intel display driver?
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    Doom Eternal

    Nearly all of the changes are for the DLC but the arachnotron turret changes are in the base game, too.
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    Doom Eternal

    One of the main things is that they nerfed the arachnotron turret by making it fire slower and less accurately. Before their turret was much more lethal which meant that arachnotrons basically controlled the arena until you dealt with them. They also removed enemies from UAC Atlantica such as...
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    Doom Eternal

    The last big patch nerfed certain things to make it easier so that might be what you're experiencing.
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    Doom Eternal

    Just got done trying out the new RT mode and it's very impressive. At 4K with a 3090 FE without DLSS I was averaging a little over 100fps. Setting DLSS to quality mode got me to 120fps easy. No need to mess around with the lower settings. Since Doom Eternal makes use of lots of metallic surfaces...
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    GIGABYTE AORUS FV43U 43 inch 4k 144 HDR1000 QLED monitor

    I have an Acer Predator X27 which doesn't support DSC and it is limited to those same values. So, your understanding is correct from what I can tell.
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    Doom Eternal

    In the mean time I'm playing it on Switch, lol!
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    AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution

    Just got done playing around with FSR in The Riftbreaker: Prologue and overall it's really good. I was very skeptical about how FSR would look and perform across a range of different GPU architectures from both venders but on my 3090 I was happy with how it looked and even in Ultra Quality mode...
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    Doom Eternal

    Both DLCs are very good. I prefer The Ancient Gods 1 to 2 but 2 is still really good.
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    Doom Eternal

    I for one am very excited for the RTX update. Doom Eternal is one of my favorite games of all time and the update is looking sick. Bring it on!
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    [H] Stock Alerts, Tips & Tears for AMD, Nvidia, Intel, PS5, XBOX

    I managed to get a Series X bundle during that drop. I miraculously got a PS5 from Best Buy back in January. It's weird to see how hard everything is to get still.
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    I microwaved a R9 390X gaming and now my pc won't run after 3rd time

    Luckily you still have hair!