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    How Blizzard Turned A Costly Failure Into Overwatch

    I can't seem to get into any Blizzard games, and they have variety.
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    How do you feel about isometric games?

    Love them! Ultima 7, Baldur's gate, Arcanium, Fallout, Divinity OS, etc. Even games like Torchlight and Van Helsing were fun.
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    Buy a digital game and get a promotional credit for Kung Fu Panda HD @Amazon

    I'm waiting for them to price match Dying Light. It's 59.99 on amazon... I used the 'tell us about a lower price' option but still nothing.
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    Check your GMG emails for Alien Breed Impact key

    I didn't get a key either.
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    Dark Souls 3

    I was able to run DS2 just fine, but didn't try Scholar of the First Sin, which has the same requirements as DS3.
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    Dark Souls 3

    Can I assume that I will be able to run it on an i7 860 (2.8Ghz) and Radeon HD 7700? It runs dying light, which also requires a 6870 card, but dying light requires Intel® Core™ i5-2500 @3.3 GHz / AMD FX-8320 @3.5 GHz which I'm not sure how those compare to dark souls 3's cpu...
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    Your favorite intro to a game....

    Ultima Underworld 1
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    NASA Accepting Applications For Missions To Mars

    "Flying experience is not a requirement. The Astronaut Candidate Program requires either 3 years of professional related experience, or 1,000 hours of pilot-in-command time in jet aircraft to meet the minimum qualification requirement. Jet aircraft experience is usually obtained through the...
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    PC releases you are excited for?

    Shroud of the Avatar (2016).
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    System Shock 3 announced.

    Part 2 was fun. I never played the first one.
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    Early Access games that are good but still in developement

    I vote for Shroud of the Avatar. The game has been updated monthly for 2 years without a single break from the developers. They are hiring more and more employees, and the game is almost feature complete. There's still a lot of work to do but it's coming along nicely.
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    Mark Zuckerberg Defends His $45B Charitable Impulse

    I know! Are the moderators blind? People here have been complaining about this for YEARS.
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    Psychonauts 2 announced, crowdfunding started.

    GabeN makes an appearance at 2:52 in the corwdfunding video.
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    Easy to use digital cameras for a senior?

    I'm looking for suggestions/recommendations for a simple digital camera that can do things like zoom in and out quickly without much delay in taking pictures when pressing the button, and that is as simple as possible to use. It's for someone around 70 years old who likes to travel but is not...
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    Grand Theft Auto V

    If I buy this game from Amazon today for $40 (Grand Theft Auto V - PC [Download]), will I also have the option to add a key to Steam, or do I have to use the amazon downloader to play it?