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    What is a good pagefile size for 32 gb RAM?

    Disabling the page file was a thing back with Win XP. I used to do that for a while but even had to give up at some point because some stuff just would not work without it. Plus the gains weren't really substantial and they would be even less so today. I highly doubt you need to worry about...
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    Insane GPU prices in 2022 WTF?

    You're making the mistake of thinking there's some required reason/justification needed for nvidia to charge these high prices. There's not. They want to clear out 30 series inventory, this is how you do it.
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    Insane GPU prices in 2022 WTF?

    Apple has like a 40% profit margin built into their prices. Why do they do it? Because people will pay up.
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    Going to try the Asrock 670E TaiChi.

    Memory speed is not surprising, read that someone who bought a $700 asus board that they had to update the bios to get their memory to run at the correct speed. Also not surprised the software sucks, still seems like the idiots who run the motherboard companies are happy to hike prices up on...
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    Gigabyte Super Overclock GTX 680

    Looks like the seller is an e-waste depot, so they probably don't care at all.
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    [Rumor] Intel Arc A770 Early October Launch

    Yeah this card has to be significantly discounted for it to be worth buying.
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    Which RTX 4090 card are you planning or consider to get?

    I'm curious to see how well that performs compared to the 30 series AIOs. No way would I buy without a review since it looks almost the same cooling as the 30 series and we know these cards run hotter....
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    Intel 2022 Keynote

    No, it was not trolling, quit being so sensitive. I played WoW at release and for a year or so afterward, I don't hate the game or anything like that. I'm also looking forward to playing OW2 some. I just am giving my opinion that neither are really worthy benchmarks at this point, I'd much...
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    Intel 2022 Keynote

    I'm just trying to explain to you why no reviewers are putting up WoW benchmarks.
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    Intel 2022 Keynote

    You can polish a turd 6 ways to sunday but that game never looked good anyhow. Plenty of people play Overwatch but reviewers don't waste time on it for similar reasons.
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    Intel 2022 Keynote

    Well probably because there's not many people who care to see how a CPU performs on a nearly 20 year old game.
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    Difficulty Booting Past BIOS Splash Screen

    Not that I can think of. Using the NVME usually disables a SATA port. Boot option should be set to UEFI with CSM disabled.
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    Aorus 3080 Xtreme Rev 2.0 - DWM.exe Crash

    If you need extended help I'd be glad to help you, have spares of everything. Just PM me.
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    Intel 2022 Keynote

    Haha you should have read a bunch of the 40 series reveal thread, LOTS of people were claiming that nvidia was outright misrepresenting performance numbers.
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    Ryzen 7000 Delidding Der8auer

    Yeah Ivy could go up that high perhaps but not the C2D/C2Q series iirc.