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    new issue between gamers and the crypto crowd.

    NFT's are the biggest "LOOK AT ME!" false exageration of Capitalism yet. It wil fail so hard yet many will make million and have done so. Crypto is the logical takeover of fiat. All the side gags are just that. I wish I was smart enough to capitalize on the wealthy sheeple, but can only stand...
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    Drip? Too good to be true?

    Been reading and watching this. Seems great but seems so similar to a pyramid scheme, no? thoughts?
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    A foray into GPU mining. A humbe noob with a few questions on setup.

    Split it between top tier level 1 coins that stake well. Stake them and sit back and try to relax.
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    Crappy reception

    It is a Moto G7 Play and my provider is Telus in Canada. I was with Rogers but the reception sucked, or so I thought, and switched as Telus is the best reception in the area. I complained at the Telus store and the clerk set my phone to 3G preferred as that is more reliable according to them...
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    Crappy reception

    I followed the instructions for my phone but step 5 is missing (tap wi-fi calling). Is this something I need my provider to enable or is it phone specific if anyone knows?
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    X370 & 5000 series update

    Sure. But it is recent news so wondering why the change? A320 have been done and now this much later. Interested.
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    Crappy reception

    It is a U.S. unlocked. Today I put my sim card in my older cracked screen Moto and I go multi-bar great reception. So do I have a borked phone with a shitty modem/radio/antenna? It gets great reception when I am in town, but the older phone just blew it away at my address.
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    Crappy reception

    Don't know what that means?
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    X370 & 5000 series update

    Anyone have any new on the possible BIOS update for older x370 boards to use 5000 series? I heard that it is now coming but info is sparse.
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    Found a 3070, any reason to keep my 1080TI ?

    I don't recall any 3070 or 3070Ti reviews that showed a drop in performance at 4K to the 1080Ti.
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    Are you bending your alder-lake?

    Any plastic spacers available?
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    3080 12 GB

    I wonder why they dropped the "Super" moniker. This card is exactly what a Super card was. This reminds me a bit of the GTX1060 3/6GB in that there needs to be a direct identifier. I guess it is proof they intend to hard brake the 10GB and fully replace with the 12GB.
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    HP Reverb G2

    Congrats. Should give a nice boost for sure :)
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    3080 12 GB

    2GB is okay and welcomed but the higher bus is very nice. I would think by summer this will replace the 3080. It seems like they have dropped the Super models?