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    Debian 11 "bullseye" released

    My Debian 11 KDE VBox VM boots at around 410MB RAM usage. Nice and clean, if I was going to change away from Manjaro for something different it would be Debian.
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    What's your Linux update policy?

    I update Manjaro whenever they pop up. I have Timeshift and a USB live disc JIK but I've never needed it. Have a 1.1G update loading as I type this. If it fails I'll report back later heh.
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    Upgrade from Mint 20.1 to 20.2 Uma ???

    Mint 20.2 Release Notes Depends if you find anything important to you in the release notes. If it's working fine the way you have it now and you'd rather not bother then skip it. Mint 20.x will all be supported until 2025 if you just want to leave it alone. Sorry, I'm not a Mint user so I...
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    best Linux distro (secure / private / no analytics / no tracking)

    No need to be so pedantic. I simply stated that it can be disabled, to mean that the user has control, not to negatively imply it was on by default. I also provided a link to the feedback sent to show it was not invasive. More information on KDEs Privacy Policy I've always opted-IN to all of...
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    best Linux distro (secure / private / no analytics / no tracking)

    KDEs telemetry (can be disabled) this is not like Google.
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    best Linux distro (secure / private / no analytics / no tracking)

    I mostly use KDE and you can enable/disable sending sending anonymous user feedback. I haven't looked into what/if any user feedback gnome/xfce/others report and if they can be disabled. All distro's are generally secure by design. Privacy is mostly about the apps you use and how you use them.
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    Linux for an old laptop

    4GB is more than enough for Linux. KDE can clean boot @400MB, XFCE can do similar, I don’t spend much time in Gnome but a few I’ve tried booted up around 800-900MB, but I never tried to optimize it down. If you want to add speed, I’d put in an SSD if you can, old HDs are going to feel slow no...
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    What is the best browser that is: secure / private / no analytics / no tracking

    Degoogled chrome if you want to disconnect. Probably not without some issues.
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    I honestly didn't spend that much time in Zorin. Mostly just checked out the overall look and feel. I thought it was interesting you can swap easy from a Windows to Mac to Gnome desktops at a click but otherwise I don't care for their curated layouts.
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    It was brought up in another thread not long ago. I tried out the Lite version on an old Dell D600 laptop with a Pentium M and 1G RAM and it was just fine. I had to change out audio/video apps to lower resource ones, and install wifi driver which I don't fault Zorin for. Looks fine and works...
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    Linux Mint boot parition?

    I'm pretty shaky on boot stuff, but I'm assuming this is a requirement of UEFI boot, it must be >100MB in size and FAT32 partition and that is what they set to default.
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    Pop OS Installation Issues

    It’s throwing me off that he can’t install on VM either. I haven’t used VM Ware in forever but it was easy on VBox.
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    Pop OS Installation Issues

    Next step I'd double check the SHA256 Sum to verify the download. Which version did you install, current or lts?
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    Pop OS Installation Issues

    When you installed via VM was it with USB stick or iso? Install with the iso directly if you haven’t. If that works, it’s the USB.
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    Pop OS Installation Issues

    I was able to install it. You didn't specify a version so I grabbed the 20.10. The only issue I had installing to a VM was that it defaulted to 800x600 and booted into the live desktop with the installer already launched. The bottom of the installation screen is cutoff at 800x600 so it helps...