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    At wits end - pc keeps sometimes hard locking when exitting games or wake from idle

    Running windows 7 home premium 64bit, all legit and completely updated. When the computer hard locks, there's no events in the log. So it's a hardware problem. Running stock clocks makes no improvement.
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    At wits end - pc keeps sometimes hard locking when exitting games or wake from idle

    I did try an el cheapo multimeter and it showed 12.00 flat... But that was a dollar store multimeter. I don't have another computer to try my card in
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    Splinter Cell Speech Stuttering

    holy shit what a thread revival. funny part i just recently played thru chaos theory recently. it worked fine for me, but i have since a much newer computer then a a64 x2 s939 system lol sorry i cant help you. i think it was eax that wasnt working right
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    At wits end - pc keeps sometimes hard locking when exitting games or wake from idle

    Hi there Haven't posted in years, my sig is quite old. Here are my system specs before I get into my problem: Intel Q6600 at 3.25ghz on stock cooler and voltages 2x2GB Corsair DDR2 and 2x1GB Corsair DDR2 stock speeds Asus P5Q Deluxe brand new Asus R7 260X DirectCU2 OC 2GB GDDR5...
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    Avatar Passes the $1 Billion Mark

    i like smoke tons of pot before going to see a movie on opening night.
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    Will 2010 (Finally) Be Blu-ray's Year?

    I'm not motivated to replace my modest DVD collection(about 100 or so DVDs), but every movie purchase I make in the future will definitely be BD. What's the point otherwise? We got 2 HDTVs in the house, 2 BD players, what's the point buying DVDs at that point.
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    Will 2010 (Finally) Be Blu-ray's Year?

    Funny you guys are talking about INTERNET streaming being the next best thing. Especially with gov't everywhere trying to pass usage-based billing and fighting net neutrality. Good luck streaming fuck all to your computer/home theatre on a 3mbps ADSL connection. Not everyone has the luxury of...
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    Half Life 3 ladies and Germs

    i dont care, im buying the game anyways. i grew up with HL, 2. So if a new one comes out, I have to play it
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    US Broadband Map Won’t Require ISP Revenue or Speed Data

    DSL has more overhead than cable. PPPoE has 15% overhead, normally.
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    A new counter-strike?

    CS 1.6(and before) is the only video game I got paid to play(over $5000 won in tournaments + sponsorships while in high school). Played in all the major online leagues (CAL-i, UGS-Pro, Cevo Pro or SP or whatever it is now) and participated in CPL Summer 2005-2006. I started playing the game when...
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    Firefox to Get Boost from Multithreading

    since when does a web browser require multithreading?
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    Responsibility for Twitter Worm Claimed by Teen

    The same ones that advertise on torrent/warez sites.
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    English-Only Video Games Prohibited if French Version Exists

    Quebec is the worst province/region in North America. Highest tax rates, worst roads, and now this! :rolleyes:
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    Obama Picks Net Neutrality Backer as FCC Chief

    ummm... net neutrality is exactly what you want. otherwise, your ISP will be throttling anything they deem fit. I don't think you want that.
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    Did your Asus P5Q-E board come sealed or stained?

    Just a note, you will not get charged duty and taxes if you explicitly state on the commercial invoice(paperwork needed for whatever package to cross the border) that it is intended for repair/replacement and that it will be returned to you.