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    dropped my case temp by 7C

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    anybody got an athlon 64 3000

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    Are Dell Inspiron laptops overclockable

    Hi guys thinking of switching my desktop for a laptop, gonna be on the road for a while so it makes sense. Been looking at dell laptops and wanted to know if they can be overclocked or not, theres not a lot of information going on it so if anyone can give me some insight that'd be cool
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    cat version performance review

    title says it all, great article that compares the performance of various cat from 3.5-4.5 and apparently they're planning to add in some more of the earlier drivers as well. check it out if your a benchmark junkie.
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    nVentiv gone bust...

    they manufacture the prometia units like the mach II, phase change coolers basically. similar to the ones vapochil make
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    nVentiv gone bust...

    Rumour has it that tha makers of the prometia units have just filled for bankruptsy. There site is down and there has been a shortage of units for a little while now. sorry to be the bearer of bad news
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    Best place to buy Hardware in the UK? is good if you wanna know what stepping cpu your buying, i think there the place to pick up mobile bartons right now
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    overclock huge!

    better case cooling ram sinks volt mod possibly different bios or cat version
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    Hey the [H] is back!

    i been checking it a lot as well, it has been missed.
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    333 FSB to 400 FSB worth it?

    do what the others said and just overclock it, save a load of money and get the same if not better performance
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    X300 and X600

    be interesting to see what sort of performance these cards have to something like a 9800pro, thats if they are actually real and are ever released
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    overclock huge!

    not bad on the core but you should be able to get more outta the ram
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    Hey the [H] is back!

    good to see the [H] is back, dam bad timing though, middle of bloody exams, bah
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    Please dont flame me.

    It definately doesn't raise temps that much, no way near that much with decent airflow through the case
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    Yellowish Checerboard Problem

    no worries mate, you might wanna check the card in another computer first just incase but i'd say your problem does warrent an RMA, best to check first though just incase.