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    Windows 11 God Mode

    Same here, also since Microsoft likes to move and rename stuff having this long list is very helpful! Now if I can find a way to get them on my start menu as there is no obvious way I see to do that?
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    The Post Your Old/Retro Builds Thread

    What case is that? Looks like an old external SCSI case! I got some of those CrystalFontz LCDS what are you using to drive them? I have one in my "RetroBox" which is now my X58 Xeon X5680 rig! Windows 10. Yep!
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    How do I determine if my CPU is a Chinese Fake?

    OK it is Here the benchmarks look to be inline with what it is supposed to be able to do. The SSD is the boot drive.
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    How do I determine if my CPU is a Chinese Fake?

    Never even thought about that. The BIOS says 3.33GHZ so what are the differences (If any, other then markings?) Any tools that I can run from a flash drive? I just booted it up and went into the BIOS no EFI/UEFI too old it's from 2010 it already has the last BIOS available for it. any...
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    Microsoft is discontinuing Backwards Compatibility for Xbox

    Glad I decided to upgrade my PC instead of buying an Xbox Series X as this was one of my #1 wants! I wanted just one gaming thingy not 4 attached to my entertainment center plus my Ryzen 9 5900X was easier to find in stock Vs the Xbox Series X (Damn idiot scalpers)! Microsoft is shooting itself...
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    How do I determine if my CPU is a Chinese Fake?

    I was recently given an Asus X58 Sabertooth motherboard with what I assume to be a fake Xeon X5680 It had no ram or video card (Excuse me GPU LoL) I used some spare DDR 3 and an old Nvidia GT53o to test it. It posts and say the CPU is an Xeon X5680 but I took the giant heatsink/fan (Zanman...
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    Posting issues Last day or Two?

    The same but if I hit fr (refresh) the thing goes away and I can click like or post reply but ONLY with F5 first.
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    Why Microsoft Why?

    Just noticed this! I have so many external and internal drives now I'm on drive "U" what happens when I get to "Z" and I happen to add another drive? I don't have a Drive "A" or "B" (yet) LoL does the computer explode if I have more drives then letters?
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    Fresh OS Install on new NVME M.2 - Procedure for Previous OS SSD?

    Yep this been there done That! They don't have to be physically disconnected just disabled in the BIOS/UEFI so the windows installer can't detect them as it will plop it's boot loader on any drive and not the installation one why? damn Microsoft! LoL!
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    Posting issues Last day or Two?

    I report this also! I use Firefox and I just did a profile clean AKA new profile just saving my bookmarks as this was an issue on other sites as well.
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    How far behind would a TRUE copper be in the current era?

    More like grind it baby (till it's flat)!
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    HDMI "Faker"

    Yes I should have bought another brand as I also hate that "Auto Input Switch" does not give even modern PC's enough time to post before going to the next active one! A royal PITA espically if you're like me and use 2 PC's at a time and one restarts and you need to see it post but it goes to the...
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    Windows 11 available on October 5

    Digital Versatile Disc or Digital Video Disc = Me! I'll never give up my physical media in this you pay for it but we can remove it at our discreation and still keep your $" society we live in now! Where can I get a single version ISO?
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    HDMI "Faker"

    This won't work I was probably not 100% clear though. I still need to be able to connect the TV but I dupliacte the displays and when I turn off the TV (really standby Android TV) the main monitor (Asus MG28UQ) defaults back to 1080P I don't want that to happen and disconnecting it is currently...
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    HDMI "Faker"

    I have a quick question I need an HDMI "Faker" as in have it think my TV is on all of the time using my Ryzen 7 3700X with my GT1030 (In signature line) and when I turn off the TV both screens default back to 1080P instead of my "4K" (Not really 4K LoL damn marketing people) both displays...