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    Are my temps about right?

    When I'm running at stock speed and vcore, I'm getting about 47-49C on idle and 57C on full load. Case temp is 38C. When I'm running at 3.7Ghz and 1.6 vcore, I get about 50C on idle and 61C on full load. The room temperature is about 29C. Are those temps about right for a lapped XP-120...
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    ocz ddr booster on ic7-g

    i did a vtt mod on my ic7-max3, which is about the same as the ic7-g, and everything works great. i've been up to 3.4v vdimm and the vtt is where it should be. it's a worthwhile mod if you have ram that loves volts
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    BFG 6800 GT vs. PNY 6800 GT - temps and O/Cing results...

    what? i've never seen that
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    DOOM 3 Tweak

    no difference in performance with this system: amd 2500+, nf7-s, hyperx 512mb, 9600pro
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    looking all over for ddr booster from ocz..anywhere in stock?

    yep i just ordered on from svc too
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    Gateway Cancelled The X800 Xt

    wow i am so happy i cancelled my order with gateway.
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    winbond vs kingmax pc3200

    man i dont know whats wrong with your ch-5. maybe you just got screwed with bad modules
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    I need help on choosing a HSF :)

    if you can fit it on your board, thermalright xp-120 :)
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    winbond vs kingmax pc3200

    geez the winbond shouldnt be maxing out at 215
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    Should I, Or Not buy the BFG 6800GT OC?

    the 5900ultra is already a decent card. there will be a performance increase but i dont know if it's worth the $400 atm. i love my gt though <3 :D
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    ThermalRight XP-120

    yeah almost for sure that we'll get them next week. man i cant wait. it's goign to be sooooo much better than the crap spark7 i have runnning now
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    6800GT Extra molex addon?

    try it and tell us if it works :)
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    Overclocking the 6800GT

    way better than the stock cooler. the new ones will cool nvidia's ram. it should be out in a few weeks or so. i dont remember what they said
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    Overclocking the 6800GT

    the pci cooler wouldnt hurt but wait for the new vga silencers
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    OCZ Memory Booster (VDimm up to 3.9 volts!!) | Anyone have one? Does it work?

    i'm getting one as soon as their in stock. my bh-5 are going to love this thing :D