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    Social Media Blamed For Spike In STDs

    abstinence;...from facebook works
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    Analysts Claim AMD Will Be Bankrupt by 2020

    ^ rabble rabble rabbbbleeee rabblle!!! the world is ending! rabble! AMD is going to be just fine. nvidian
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    Analysts Claim AMD Will Be Bankrupt by 2020

    i'm a couchpotato and i claim that AMD will be the largest arm manufacturer and VR chip manufacturer in the world
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    Woman Accidentally Shoots Herself While Taking Selfie

    in soviet russia, you don't shoot selfie, selfie shoot selfie
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    Feds Say That Banned Researcher Commandeered a Plane

    so this is why my town got shit on
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    Town Hides License Plate Readers In Fake Cactuses

    at first, I was like lol, then I was like fuuuuuuuu seriously, fck off government with your fund raising. Way too much privacy intrusions everywhere,
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    How Women In Tech Are Erased From History

    that's one way of viewing it: she also developed the code that updated a counter that nearly crashed the system and killed the astronauts. Also, shes standing next to the output from the program, the error output, not her handwritten code. Still, far more remarkable a lady then this "Chief...
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    SSDs Lose Data If Left Without Power For Just 7 Days

    I don't think this is click bait at all. Sometimes people leave their SSD's unplugged in their cases, where 100+ degrees isn't uncommon. I'm glad this info was released
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    Oil and Gas Operations Could Trigger Large Earthquakes

    dr. oz said it so it's true dammit
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    Oil and Gas Operations Could Trigger Large Earthquakes

    lol, brb diggin a hole in the ground and starting massive earthquake
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    FX 9590 Facts I have one

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    Most of AMD's Next-Gen Radeon Cards Rumored to Be Rebrands

    i didn't think hard forum could stoop this low and actually post nvidian pr.
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    Ellen Pao Loses Gender Discrimination Lawsuit

    thanks. gender discrimination? no, she just sucks