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    Looking for a router/access point for a small company

    ok so the UBIQUITI isn't available in the entire country (the shop in the link doesn't have stock) but I found the TP-Link AC1750 EAP245 which seems to be a popular choice and an up to date model (I just hope this is the v3 model not v1) i'll get only one for now and see what happens. if I...
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    Looking for a router/access point for a small company

    yes the router in the red spot is the free router that comes with the internet subscription do you think this UBIQUITI model will do the job? is it better than the TP-Link Archer AX50 WiFi 6 AX3000? what should I look for when comparing these things? by the way, around 15 laptops, 3 desktops...
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    Looking for a router/access point for a small company

    the company I work for moved to a new location, the attached sketch is not the final one but its close enough we have a 200mb fiber, the router is the red point, its in a closed storage room there is a cat6 cable that goes from the router then comes our from the ceiling around the blue point...
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    ATX vs mATX vs ITX

    it depends on the model, an ITX ROG Strix will always have more features than most ATX motherboards but it's bigger ATX sister will have more features than it.
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    Assassin's Creed Valhalla

    the only RPG games I played in my life are: Alone in the dark back in the play station 1 days (couldn't complete it because it was too scary for me) Skyrim little of Witcher (I don't know why I feel it's too complicated for my old small brain) Assassin's Creed Origins & Assassin's Creed...
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    What Paste Application Method do You Use in 2020?
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    CS:GO and TF2 source code leaks, fan projects shut down for fear of exploits

    I've been playing TF2 almost everyday lately, never saw a cheater, maybe because all I do is noob around as engi :D
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    Best 240hz monitor?

    27" generally means 2560x1440 not 1920x1080, which needs more GPU power depending on the games you play. and this site is not the best site to ask about anything smaller than 27" because everyone will just tell you to go big :D and btw AW2521HF is my dream monitor
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    The NUCs are back in town

    its 5 liters! the Velka 3 is 3.7 liters and can have better specs for $1200
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    Programs to stop Win 10 version updates
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    Windows Media Player alternative?

    MPC-HC 1.8.8 edit: I don't know about categorizing