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    PS3 slim to be released on 1st of September?

    I never met a dead horse I didn't want to beat... I have owned a 360 and a PS3. I currently have a PS3 and both systems seem the same to me. My PS3 was worth the extra $100 because it had a Blu Ray player and wireless built into it. On the other hand the 360 is worth the price because...
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    How to get rid of Xbox live gold

    I went through the process last week and was expecting a long drawn out call. It took me less than 5 minutes and I had no problems with MS. They did ask me why I was canceling, but there was no follow-up question to that. I still wish I could have done it online though.
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    1KW PSUs.

    I had purchased one of these locally after reading the review on Hardocp. The build quality seems nice, even though I don't know what to look for, and the fact it was modular was great. Unfortunately, mine was a dud and I returned it after a couple of days.My computer was constantly freezing...
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    Mirrors edge PC any one get it?

    After reading thread I picked up a copy of this game. I was having the random lockup issue and was infuriated. I tried several things to fix before I realized my own mistake in not looking for a patch. Installed 1.01 and everything works great now. The game itself is very fun and does a good...
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    Best glossy 24" LCD?

    feron315, I have it connected with a DVI to HDMI cable and haven't had any issues with it going sleep. Keep in mind I generally shut down when I leave my computer. I have played COD5 and Crysis on it with no complaints. I am coming from some Acer 22" I got pretty cheap over a year ago so...
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    Best glossy 24" LCD?

    I decided to finally get a new monitor and went to the local CompUSA. After doing a little bit of research I decided a TN panel was really all my budget would allow. I went into the store to check out a Samsung T260 and a LG W2600H with the assumption I would be purchasing one of these monitors...
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    Quick question...

    Need some advice on a power supply and likely just need a link to a reliable calculator. I currently have an evga 280 regular, Q6600 OCed to 3.2, 4gb of ram: 1 gb sticks, single sataHD, and a single sata DVD RW drive. I would like to try SLI and purchase another 280 Will my Corsair tx650...
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    Fallout... finally played it.

    Thanks OP I was undecided if I should get FO3, but for some reason your post was the one to convince me I needed it. I stopped by the store on the way home from work and am installing now. Thanks.
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    280 Strange Noise

    I wish I had some explanation and appreciate the help I know it is coming from the video card and not a fan or the psu. The card works well so I can't complain. Actually, I probably would complain but I think I may do the trade-up if the rumored 290 release is within my 90-day period...
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    280 Strange Noise

    Thanks for the suggestion Any idea what the noise could be?
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    280 Strange Noise

    I have an evga 280 w/ stock cooler and have noticed a clicking noise under load. I opened the case and verified it was coming from the card and thought maybe it was the fan. Having stopped the fan entirely, for a very short moment, the noise persisted. Anybody have an idea what this could...
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    I love EVGA

    I bought my first evga card just recently, a 280. The overwhelming amount of posts similar to the op's are what sold me on the company. I hope I never have to RMA this card, which has been more than I could have asked for, but if I do I am confident I will have a good experience.
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    Garmin Nuvi 200W $139.99 AC

    Thanks guys, I had been debating picking one up and this offer sold me on it. I tested it on the way home and it worked well for me. I am in Tampa and don't travel through the bad part of town often so this works well. Any idea on what to expect with battery life?
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    Is quad-core really worth it?

    Last night I went out drinking for my roommate's birthday and a friend I don't see too often came with us. We are both pretty big into computers, him even more so than myself, and I have to say I think it was the first time I had ever seen an advantage of a quad core personally. He got to...