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    Cheap single purpose tablets

    I believe you can root previous Fire tablets and turn them essentially into Android tablets. That's a heck of a deal in my opinion. If I can throw Cyanogen mod on the $50 Amazon tablet then it will be immensely more useful than any device I could buy at that price. I plan to simply use it...
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    Cheap single purpose tablets

    Me and a few friends went in on a 6 pack and I plan to root it and hopefully get Cyanogen Mod running on it. No clue what I'd use it for but likely a universal home remote.
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    Finding memory for 5k iMac Mid-2015

    Scratch that, the Crucial web site does not have the specific memory in stock that is found on Amazon. I can confirm that the Crucial site does list it as compatible.
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    Finding memory for 5k iMac Mid-2015

    That's what confused me because the memory does not match up. The Amazon comments seem to suggest that it will work on the iMac, so I guess that's the best I can go on.
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    Finding memory for 5k iMac Mid-2015

    I'm trying to find for certain memory for new iMac which is getting to me soon. The model # MF885LL/A is proving difficult to find for certain on Amazon. Not certain if this is the memory that will work for the machine...
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    Regrets buying Galaxy Edge

    So recently did a factory reset/wipe and noticed Odin Recovery while placing the phone in recovery mode. I didn't know that Odin is now stock on devices? This phone is only a few days old so now I'm wondering if I got a restocked device. In any case, the phone is now functioning at a higher...
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    Regrets buying Galaxy Edge

    So let me preface with the fact I switch phones very often and love having the latest and greatest, that's why I purchased my Galaxy S6 Edge unsubsidized. I'm coming from an iPhone 6+ but love Android as well. When leaving the store I was enthusiastic about the Galaxy S6 Edge but after 3...
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    Nexus 6 speculation

    Does anyone recall what time Wednesday Google releases more stock? I've been refreshing thinking that it was 1100 EST.
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    Moto X vs iPhone 5

    I looked at S4 but Moto X took it because the stats do not reflect how fast the device delivers and Motorola wins on software in comparison. Moto Assist / Active Notifications + Semi-Vanilla Android These are two things that just took the cake for me.
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    iPhone 5C 16GB to cost $550 off-contract...isn't that a little much?

    And those knock offs run a better OS, Android.
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    Is the Samsung S4 still the phone to buy?

    I got a Moto X over all of the options and I have to say I'm perfectly happy. It does not feel mid range at all and on top of that, the battery blows out the other offerings which is one of the most underrated features of the phone.
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    Which Android phone to come back to?

    According to AndroidCentral's review, Moto X and the battery achieves 10-14 on Wi-Fi with heavy usage. I would say that is high end in terms of battery life. I don't know if I could deal with an S4 and zerolemon case that feels like I'm carrying a brick.
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    Which Android phone to come back to?

    I've been out of the Android scene for a little bit but I absolutely loved every Android phone I've owned. I wanted to ask Reddit, what phone should I purchase with a family AT&T upgrade? I would consider myself a power user in that I loved rooted and roming my previous phones but I feel each...
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    Did I purchase a water damaged device?

    I recently purchased a Verizon S3 on Swappa and when activating the device I saw that the water sensors had red x's on them. This device also came with an extra battery. Well what do ya know the seller put the battery with red x's in the dock and a fresh battery in the device so it would be...
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    Upgrading Out of Contract Company Phone: Which phone to pick poll

    The only thing that is incorrect in your post is that you condem the DNA for having bad battery life while you state the S3 has decent battery life. The DNA provides better battery life than the S3, the Verge are the only review site to find the battery life poor.