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    Random Crashes and Errors

    I don't move it around, stays on my desk. I know 1 pass is not enough, it was just strange that I had over 1000 errors that seemed to go away after I reseated the ram.
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    Random Crashes and Errors

    I'm not overclocking anything. My comp will run fine for weeks at a time with no issues, and then randomly I will have some blue screen and crashes. I thought it might be my OS install needing a refresh, or possibly some virii or something that wasn't being detected. So I reinstalled 8.1 last...
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    Razer Deathadder on sale (AMZN)

    My original deathadder is giving me some trouble I think, so I bought a new one. I think this one is about 7 years old.
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    Could my mouse be causing this error?

    Lately while playing Diablo, the game crashes and says something about out of memory error, but my mouse no longer appears to work, until I reboot my computer. I have an original DeathAdder that is like 7 years old. I have 16gb of ram, so I'm sure I'm not running out of memory. Is the mouse...
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    The Ten Weirdest Computer Peripherals Ever Made

    Damn beat me to it.
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    Payday 2 vs Sniper Elite Nazy Zombie Army 2?

    I tried the demo of Payday 2, and it seems like it would be way more fun with three friends with voice chat. Playing by myself with bots all they were good for was healing me if I went down. Crazy all out gunfights. I like the skill trees in payday 2 as well. Does SENZA2 have any sort of...
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    Payday 2 vs Sniper Elite Nazy Zombie Army 2?

    Payday 2 is $17.99 this weekend on steam, and SENZA2 is $15. Anyone have experience with either? I want a fun co-op game with replayability. I downloaded the Payday2 demo and it seems pretty cool.
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    Alternative to Adobe Acrobat

    Try google's docs. You can download as pdf?
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    Chrome flash video hardware video decode problem?

    Am I the only one who cannot get hardware video decoding to work in Chrome? It works in IE, but I cannot get it to work in Chrome, any thoughts?
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    Realtek RT8191SE Lag Spikes

    It's built into my motherboard so I'm sorta stuck with it. No PCI slots, its a mini-itx.
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    Realtek RT8191SE Lag Spikes

    Ping statistics for Packets: Sent = 50, Received = 50, Lost = 0 (0% loss), Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds: Minimum = 0ms, Maximum = 1314ms, Average = 75ms
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    Realtek RT8191SE Lag Spikes

    Just recently built a new system with this wifi card in it, and I am experiencing random lag spikes of up at 2000ms when pinging my E3000 router. I've tried the stock firmware on the router as well as the tomato variety I was using. I've tried both Windows 8 and Linuxmint 14 and the problem...
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    3x3 mPCIe Wifi Card in ASRock Z77E-ITX?

    Might be resurrecting a dead thread, but I have this motherboard and am experiencing random ping spikes, when I traceroute my E3000 router, I can have random 2000ms spikes, and packet loss. Anyone know what's going on? I do not have this problem with other devices on my network. I thought it...
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    ASRock Z77E-ITX Owners Thread

    Doh, I tried searching first, must have forgotten to check all sections.