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    Xbox series X

    Probably the most bad ass Xbox skin I've seen. Practical? No way. It just looks cool AF.
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    The 2022 Steam Summer sale is now live! runs from June 23 to July 7, 2022 10 AM PST

    Ugh... Don't buy anything, don't buy anything! I literally just picked up Chivalry 2 last week and have been having a blast. Picked up Sniper Elite 4 and Icarus. Thanks OP.
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    [Steam] ARK Survival Evolved free

    If you guys like pve only so you can build to your heart's content - check out alliancegaming servers. The best experience I've had of the thousands of hours I played Ark. The owner is a straight arrow, fair but strict with his rules. Let's you build as big as possible with as big of a base as...
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    ARK: Survival Evolved

    Of course. It's's like 100 to 120 gigs no matter what. Lot better than the 300 plus though.
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    ARK: Survival Evolved

    Yes. It's safe. You only need the one you're playing on. If it's a cross map server, all the content(weapons, dinos, etc) brought from other maps by players will be downloaded for you already .
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    Maneater is Free on Epic Games Store

    Umm yeah - it was fun.... I just got to second level - pretty much completed everything - and then BAM, crashed. Loaded back up - not one save file. All slots empty. Wtf? Doesn't auto save?
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    The Official ARK 2 Thread

    New short trailer released
  8. Eshelmen - RCA 50" 4K UHD 4 HDMI ports non-smart $168 (hurry)

    Picked one up. Just gotta get a 4k fire stick for it and my son will enjoy this. Thanks op! Great deal.
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    Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 Bluetooth Computer Speakers ($79.99 w/ Walmart+ Membership)

    On sale at Walmart for $89 without a membership
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    WD Green SN350 2TB NVMe - $155 + Honey

    I'm using the 1tb stick model I got from black Friday last year. So far so good. I will say that the endurance rating is really low. Something like 100 TBW. Worried for the long term. Either way, solid deal.
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    Total War: Three Kingdoms Announcement & Trailer

    Hey that's cool man! I actually saw that while browsing the mods. It's literally one of the top mods. Well done! Will try it out.
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    Total War: Three Kingdoms Announcement & Trailer

    Necroing this thread. Just picked this up a week or two ago - having a blast. I had a strong RTS itch that needed a fix. This has done it so far. Anyone still or has played through the campaign? Liu Biao is a total prick. Dudes charging me 60% of my income(as my vassal) just to not attack...
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    Red Dead Redemption 2

    Damn - I don't even remember making this thread. But yes, great game.
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    The New Super High Resolution PC Screenshot Thread

    Damn that game looks good. How's the performance at that res for you?