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    Ajit Pai: States Can't Enact Net Neutrality Rules

    A shortsighted generalization at best. Policy takes time to effect but sometimes it happens right away in the most unexpected situations. This is just one resource on the event. Of coarse you are free to use any alternate facts... Verizon throttled fire department’s “unlimited” data during...
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    Amazon Removes Nazi-Themed Goods from Its Store

    Still plenty of Wolfenstein games on Amazon. Don't get how left and right views are taken out of historical context to fit any one narrative.
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    The EU Hates Memes

    If someone from Canada or the EU puts their nose into US politics in the [H] forums then they are totally chastised. What kind of fucking hypocrisy is that?
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    Valve Slammed over “Horrendous” Steam School-Shooting Game

    This is all exaggeration and I am sorry you are not correct about the 2A because it was not created so that anyone could organize a revolution against our police force, the government or its standing Army. Its a document that outlines the underlying foundation of our current system of Government...
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    Valve Slammed over “Horrendous” Steam School-Shooting Game

    Agreed. Assault weapons have no place in our culture. Automatic weapons are for terrorists, the utterly irrational, Law Enforcement and those in the Armed Services. Single fire and 3 round burst weapons are choice for war because trigger control, weapon preservation and preventing weapon...
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    Samsung Plans 3nm Gate-All-Around FETs in 2021

    "Classical physics starts deviating significantly at the molecular level... There is no clear boundary between classical and quantum mechanics, it's more of a continuous transition."
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    Valve Slammed over “Horrendous” Steam School-Shooting Game

    Time to cue up my favorite oldskool FPS and listen to listen to some appropriate music... but I digress.
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    Tiny Particles Could Help Fight Brain Cancer

    The Right to Try has been the law starting in many states since 2014. This new President Trump Right to Try legislation pushes the FDA to make it easier for those institutions to get access to the new or unapproved drugs for treatment. This is when patients see the need for insurance that will...
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    April's Fool Joke Turns Real for Weaponized Kitties

    By definition if something is Weaponized it is a weapon. Not sure I see the ghz in this but... meh.
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    Monoprice Take 20% Off Almost Everything

    3D printers are on "sale" but as expected the 20% off does not stack. Entry level printers are still very cheap.
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    Unreal is 20 Years Old

    Couldn't wait to get home to play this game. Almost every penny I had went into PC hardware at the time... the rest went to rent, food and beer because you know priorities.
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    IBM Warns of Instant Breaking of Encryption by Quantum Computers

    This is old news. Grover's algorithm should be able to find any given users password in about 12 days if the machine running at today's classical computer speeds. Here is one article on the subject...
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    IBM Bans All Removable Storage, for All Staff, Everywhere

    A military grade protocol for all employees of a civilian corporation. Perfect!
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    Microsoft Lets You Gift Digital PC Games Now

    Maybe I will finally get that Halo key I have always wanted...