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    GreenManGaming 23% Off Site-Wide Code

    remove it then
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    Sony Playstation Eye - free+$4.99 shipping

    Pro Pro tip : you can cover cameras with electrical tape.
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    Sony Playstation Eye - free+$4.99 shipping

    UPDATED PRICE - even lower in bulk packaging. Just an FYI Amazon has it for 4.80$ shipped with prime.. I might have to get one I always wanted a TrackIR but didnt want to spend the 150$ for it... I didn't know you could make one! Thx OP
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    Far Cry 4 PC/PS4/XBOX ONE/360/PS3 $19.99 TODAY ONLY 07/02

    I added it to cart, and saw that it had free shipping, and I remembered I had a 5 dollar GC to best buy in an email, so I went into my email and activated it, went back to the cart on BB and the shipping went up to 4 dollars... No thanks. Awesome deal, but BB can suck it for pulling that shit.
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    Amazon Selfie Stick for $14

    Oh so it's like a cane but stupider.
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    Amazon WD Storage Enclosure Deals through 6/27/2015

    i didn't see any of the prices he listed, they were all back to original, probably just tryin to get some affiliate monies. Side note, be wary of these NAS boxes, most have horrible processing power and memory which leads to slow network speeds, you can most of the time build a small pc that...
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    Any high-quality mice left that don't need extensive software

    FYI monoprice has the zowie for 46$ and a 15$ off 50$ coupon, so spend a few more bucks and get some cables too!
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    Arma 3 Pre-order $32.99 (Starts 5AM PST)

    loved making missions in arma2 so I picked up 3 THX!
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    Radeon HD 7850 2GB GPU + 2 Games = $164.99

    Probably not, my pc lives next to my bed (apt), so fan noise is a concern for me.
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    Radeon HD 7850 2GB GPU + 2 Games = $164.99

    sorry bout that, I'm building a new pc, so probably going with 990FX mobo, 8350 or 8320 amd, and a m4 ssd for the os.... right now I'm using a 5770 ati, 939 dfi lanparty with a x4 920 I won't be running Crossfire/Eyefinity, I have one Asus monitor that does 1080p, so my question is, will I...
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    Radeon HD 7850 2GB GPU + 2 Games = $164.99

    my max gaming resolution will be 1920x1080, will this card be ok, or should i spring for the 7950?
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    Amazon Heat Check! Game packages are cheap again!

    I was gonna snag Nexuiz for 10$ by itself, for another 15$ i get the THQ pack!!!! I like it.
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    7870 Myst edition (better than other 7870s)

    LOL yup, i thought the same thing when I heard MYST... do we get a game bundle deal?? hah. Anyway, how loud is this card going to be with just a single fan?
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    Best Buy $50 off $100, 10% off Open Box

    I filed a complaint with the BBB... not expecting any sort of refund or working coupon, I just stated that if Best Buy isn't going to honor the coupons they send out, they shouldn't send them out just to get people in the front door.
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    Best Buy $50 off $100, 10% off Open Box

    Tried in albany ny and they denied me.... they told me they were only honoring it till yesterday (22nd), why do they have these coupons and then not honor them, if they're not gonna honor it they shouldn't have sent it out. Another reason why I don't shop at best buy unless it's black friday.