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    Law & Order GamerGate Episode Aired Last Night
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    Monster Sues Beats

    You can buy a lot of Beats headphones over here in the Philippines...albeit it's actually a letter d on the design. LOL. Roughly the same sound quality for a tenth of the price though. lol
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    The Interview Is A Hit With Pirates

    "This video is not available at 1080p. Sorry about that."
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    The Interview Is A Hit With Pirates

    Google Play: Server Error - We're sorry, there was an error. Please try again later. Youtube:
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    The Interview Is A Hit With Pirates

    LOL yeah, because I'm physically closer to North Korea (1928 mi) than to Hawaii (5,445 mi), I have no legal means to watch it. Although I'm technically "closer" to the US compared to North Korea because Guam is just 1548 mi away.
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    Memorable Overclocking-Friendly CPUs

    I both had the only i7s in the list. lol
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    Obsolete Technologies That Will Baffle Modern Children

    I don't think the "instant cameras" are obsolete. Albeit Polaroid is not the one making the newer versions now, but rather Fujifilm. There are even Sanrio-branded ones from them, obviously looking to appeal towards children.
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    Street Fighter V Confirmed PS4/PC Exclusive

    Well technically it's not a PS4/PC exclusive because there will still be a Street Fighter V for arcades. lol Although arcades aren't exactly "alive and well" over there, the other side of the Pacific.
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    Nation State Spying Malware Revealed

    I thought for a moment there's malware here.
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    BitTorrent Survey Finds Users Are Avid, Eclectic Content Buyers

    Quite obvious that the results were manipulated by BitTorrent. You'd have to be ignorant, stupid, AND ugly to believe this.
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    Mozilla Ends Relationship With Google, Starts One With Yahoo

    Isn't the Huffpo apparently the "communist mouthpiece of the reds" or something? How are they "corporate shilling"? Yahoo is 1/4 entertainment news, 1/4 sports (typically linking to SBNation), 1/4 news (usually AP, AFP, and Reuters), and the remaining 1/4 becomes dependent on the viewer, it...
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    SEO Simplified

    That's BAD SEO, not simply "SEO". Might as well say everyone in the GamerGate demographic are terrorists...
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    Far Cry 4 writer calls gamers terrorists

    I wish that you aren't everything you are wished to be, while still satisfying anything by being nothing through each and every thing that is wished among anything that can be nothing from everything.
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    SEO Simplified

    You do both. That's why I'm thinking about what to write in the company's blog section (it's my workload for today).