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    Help wioth suggestions on HTPC build

    I just built a HTPC (installing updates as we speak) using a ASROCK 1150 socket motherboard .... It's their H97 Anniversary one + 3220 CPU and NO GPU.... But with a budget of 500 the sky's the limit for you my man.... I'm in Brownsburg IN myself. Id hit up Frys. I was in there myself today and...
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    Are there any 120mmX120mm radiators? (Lian Li 351 water cooling plan)

    Can I ask a stupid question........ does it HAVE to be internal? What about an external solution? Would just mean you run the tubes to the CPU and GPU blocks but the radiators would be mounted outside the case. Then your NOT limited by the internals in the case at all. Some random links...
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    Need ideas for a decent home theatre setup under $1k

    Here is what I'd do. I'd go to Polks ebay website and try to snag some RTi A or RTi speakers. I'd look for the following: Fronts: RTi A3 or RTi6 Center: CSi A6 or CSi5 Surrounds: RTi A3, RTi5 or BEST would be FXi A4 or FXi A6 If you buy from Polks ebay site, its from the manufacture, comes...
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    Can anyone help me find a good compact ITX case?

    They also make usb dongles/extension cords so you could connect it in the back, route it along the side and have it flush with the front. Still ghetto, but not "AS" ghetto lol....
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    Can anyone help me find a good compact ITX case?

    another vendor that is in the US is They carry an assortment of small ITX cases. However you wont find them under 50 bucks, more in the 100 range IIRC.
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    Replacement for dying WD TV Live

    Either buy another WD Live TV, or a Chromebox (double your budget) and load Kodi as the OS and your good to go..... I'm in a similar situation but am going to build a full on HTPC/Server because I need expandable storage in the TB range....
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    WD TV Live value

    I paid 65 for a WD Live TV not too long ago. Thing about these is the newest firmware update lets them send LOSSLESS (DTS-MA & TrueHD) out. Its the ONLY streamer thats low cost that can do 1080p MKV's with lossless audio. I know lots of guys that have bought these to replace blu-ray players...
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    NAS help

    I agree but it's got a bunch of 5.25 bays I could fill with drives. If nothing else each bay could hol another drive for a total of 4 more + 6 initially plus 1 3.5 external bay for a total of 11.... But I think your right and that is likely too much. I will sleep on it and decide tomorrow...
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    NAS help

    ^Thanks for that info. I will do some more research. SnapRaid sounds VERY similar to UnRaid which was also recommended to me. I dont need to worry about existing data because its all on an external HDD and I would not be adding that drive to this to start with. Are they basically the same or...
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    NAS help

    Yeah 6 is even lol.... Long day but pointless as 6 TB drives are way outside my budget. I will read up on other options hard drive wise. I'm not against WD but Seagate is off the list for sure lol... I don't anticipate needing more than 8 gigs of RAM so I'm going to go with that and if...
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    NAS help

    Will take a look, main thing is I dont want to have a entire drive (or pair) that cant be used to store data on, however I'd be OK with if I have to lose a single disc as my library isnt going to grow super fast blu-ray wise just likey 12 or so a year as I'm picky about what I rip. Lots of...
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    NAS help

    Currently I have a WD Live TV. It works great to stream my MKV's from a 3TB Seagate HDD. But I'm running out of space fast so I want to look for a better solution. So I'm looking to build a small NAS that can also run XBMC (if needed). I'm looking to build something to store and stream my MKV...
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    Speaker and Headphone Rigs Picture Thread

    Cmon now Face, you know you need to post what other gear your using lol... I see some pro amps at the bottom, but whats the pre-amp and dac in the system?
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    The [H] Post Pictures of your ManCave

    Thanks! Shes definitely enjoys trying to help daddy with stereo equipment. She also REALLY enjoys listening to music and dancing or rocking in her chair sitting in the sweet spot :D.
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    The [H] Post Pictures of your ManCave

    Save yourself some cash. Google "Flexi Rack" and you will see lots of pictures to help get a decent design. This rack sells for 500 bucks if purchased online now. I paid 150 which was a steal. If I was more handy with woodworking (but I'm not) I could have likely made it for less.