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    wmp had decided to not play any of my songs, v. annoying.

    hey all since last week wmp 9 has decided it doesnt like playing most of my 20gb+ music collection. It gives a message "sending request for codec" and then says it cant locate the codec "55" or something similar. reinstalling wmp seems to help for a few hours, then it does the same thing...
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    My monitor its SHAKING~!

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    Two XP's ??????

    So im assuming you can no longer access your other partition that used to have a windows xp install on it? go to control panel> admin tools> computer management (have to change to classic veiw in control panel) Go to "disk management" under the storage tab, and it will give you a graphic...
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    Aquarium side panel, think it would be possable?

    If you want to have fish in there for any length of time, not just flaoting corpses :eek: the top of the "tank" needs to be open to the atmosphere to allow gases to exchange with the water- ie the fish need oxygen to live and the oxygen in the water is absorbed from the atmosphere. just my 2c. :)
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    project: smallest case using standard size parts

    Well heres my new project for the summer break from uni, time to put those "design" skills from my degree to good use . . . The basic idea of this project is to find a new home for the xp1700 system i aquired a few months back, as the case i got it in was appalling. The horrible plastic...
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    Fan Controllers?

    Ive got a sunbeam rheobus that works well. 20 watts per channel and a nice silk-screened facia available in black or silver.
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    Digital camera (Canon A75) as a webcam?

    if youve got a tv out on the camera you can use a tv tuner card like the leadtek tv2000 series to use the camera as a webcam, just select the tuner card as the input device when you set up the webcam software. Works fine with my olympus C4000. Obviously you would need a separate microfone...
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    Planning a case, Fragmaster - The Case on Treads!

    hehe yeah i watched that a while back, thats an awesome bit of RC engineering. Respect is due :D But for a novice at this type of project an RC would be a good stepping stone- taking on too big a project can soon lead to being bored if you dont really know what you are doing. I worked in an RC...
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    Planning a case, Fragmaster - The Case on Treads!

    Are you sure you have the knowlegde to carry out a project like this? As a 20 year old design engineering student with a background in RC racing cars, i can tell you this project is not going to be as easy as it sounds, if you want a do a good job that is. Maybe its the perfectionist in me, but...
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    need a cheapo card with tv out?

    yep i speak from experience- this card was bought to upgrade a dell with no agp slot, that didnt quite work out so it ended up in the family computer, a 2ghz dell p4, to replace the rage 128 it came with. Ive just put an agp radeon 7000 64mb in that which is miles better than teh mx440. bf1942...
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    need a cheapo card with tv out?

    hi im looking for a cheap card (ie less than £40) to put in my HTPC that im building at the mo, gonna build a nice custom case for it. Problem is the only gfx cards ive got at the mo are a pci gf4 mx440 and a agp rage 128pro. The gf4 could be used as it has a video out on it, but the rage 128...
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    Blown Capacitors

    sorry missed that bit. ooops ;)
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    Blown Capacitors

    It wouldnt happen to be a gainward card would it? they had a bunch of dodgy caps supplied to them that mainly ended up on ti4200 cards. Ive got one of them. I did manage to replace the capacitors by canibalising an old mobo and a control board out of an old washing machine. Are they the 5 caps...
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    B1942 w/ Desert Combat vs. Vietnam...

    I like the atmosphere of BFV- im a massive fan of veitnam type films and love the music- the graphics are definatly better in bfv (theyve done some dx9 type stuff like the slight sheen to all the vehicles paintwork which looks cool, as does the foliage/plant stuff theyve put in. Some of its...
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    Pc Specs For "Far Cry"

    lol course it will run fine on that system- if you turn down the eye candy it runs ok on virtually all systems . . . i was playing it fine on the xp1700, 512mb pc133 system in my sig (albeit with a gf4200ti 64mb until that died again- back to the radeon 7000 :() runs ok at 800x600, perfectly...