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    Texting While Driving Banned in Florida

    the GPS loophole doesn't exist here. it's all part of distracted driving. doesn't matter what you're doing on your phone, it's 5 points. 5 points for looking up directions, texting, changing songs, whatever
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    Texting While Driving Banned in Florida

    because it's ok when someone takes their eyes off the road and causes an accident? driving is a serious responsibility and it totally appropriate for the penalties to be serious as well. it isn't like the government is taking away some natural right. in NY, the penalty is 5 points on your...
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    Sprint Cutting Unlimited 4G Data Plans

    i think it's pretty likely that, at this point in time, it's not technologically possible to offer true unlimited service to every device. i just hope that, by giving up unlimited data right now, we're not creating a situation where this can never change. once true 4g takes hold and data is...
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    Reed Hastings Knows He Messed Up

    i just don't understand the handling of this whole situation. the guy made some bad moves, people complained, and he actually took them back. what most companies do and what most people advocate is to stay the course no matter what, because the idea that a company could make a mistake is...
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    Corsair SP2500 2.1 Speaker System Review @ [H]

    i can't see where molex is that proprietary for most of us. it's not that hard to rig up a male/female extension, is it?
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    Zacate Performance reviews

    maybe for gpu, but shouldn't the zacate cpu be much faster?
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    Just turned my laptop screen into a monitor for $27

    that's really cool, and something i've considered in the past. can you post the ebay link?
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    Seasonic M12II-620 PSU Drawing

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    Chinese Media Slam Google as 'Politicized'

    isn't it sort of ironic that china is calling out google for choosing ethics over pure capitalistic motives?
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    Toyota Recall Highlights Potential Car Computer Troubles

    I don't think that's really true. Functionally, as long as the programming is good, electronic should be better than mechanical, as well as cheaper and easier to set up. Cruise control and especially traction control is much easier to set up with electronic throttle control. I know you could...
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    Nerd Style Self Portrait

    that would work well until you get to a hill. uphill would destroy the camera right away and downhill would destroy it at the bottom of the hill
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    New 45nm Phenom FX Deneb spotted ~ 4.4GHz...?

    Possibly a stupid question, but that cpu-z screenshot shows Core Name as Deneb. Would cpu-z even know how to identify a Deneb?
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    Latitude E4200 dual-channel memory question

    dual channel won't work with 2 different size memory chips. sometimes it doesn't work with equal sized but different density memory chips. sometimes "on board" means soldered ram chips and sometimes it just means ram chips that are in a less convenient place. i know my latitude d630 has one...
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    question regaring creating computer object in active directory

    up until now, my firm has been joining computers to the domain, which creates the computer object for you. we'd like to change this to pre-creating the computer object so the object can be moved into the correct security group before the computer joins the domain. i tried to create the...
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    Linux raid5 trouble (please help, will pay)

    thanks for the advice. i'll give it a shot and see how things go. i'm not really sure what happened with evms. i'm also confused as to why no one else has come up with a replacement, as i can't imagine there's no demand for a convenient raid management interface