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    What is your backup GPU?

    1060 6gb
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    Psu for Rtx 3090 and 10850K

    850 watt is minimum for a system like that. RM850 Corsair is what I know a friend is using for a similar system. But not overlocked
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    Pros and Cons of High capacity HDD drives? 12TB+

    I finally bought a 12 TB wd easystore. I usually just buy 4TB drives but with my library of games I am running out of space. I guess with today game sizes you need at least 8TB... well for me anyways .. The 12TB drive is my backup drive to offload stuff. I am afraid of losing a full 12 TB...
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    Who needs more than 550 Watts really

    I think there is a chart from Nvidia that specifies what you should get. I just follow that to plan now and future upgrades.
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    Basic NVMe PCI 4.0 SSD Questions

    I notice loading speeds are faster. It feels snappier to me. My friend has a pretty high end system 5950x, 32GB DDR4 3600MHz CL16, RTX 3090 with the SN850 so maybe thats why it feels snappy I guess.
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    The Rise of Retrocomputing

    I wish I had my very first computer again. I took it apart years ago and left it and overtime the parts got cleaned away. It was a Canon Innova 486SX 33MHz based computer with integrated Cirrus Logic graphics at 512KB of VRAM. I miss using it. Great memories
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    Huion Pro Art, or Similar?

    My brother is looking for a big tablet. He uses a iPad 2018 model with Pencil right now. I will research all these options. I never knew off brands would be good. Seem like worth the try now
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    Cyberpunk 2077: Night City Wire premieres June 25

    I am going to play the game. I had it for a while. I like the game atmosphere
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    PCIE Add-in Card with SATA AND NVME?

    The card you are talking about I think is a dual M2 card. There is one slot for NVME and one slot for SATA with port to run it to a SATA cable to SATA port on motherboard. They go for $12.99 CDN/CAD here in Canada. I have one from China Ebay for like $6 CAD and the NVME portion works well. I...
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    Nvidia RTX 30-Series GPU Availability to Worsen in Q1: Report

    I am looking forward to buy a 3060 / Ti. I don't want a scalper card. There is this guy on Facebook marketplace in my area who has a Ti and won't give me a price lol. He want me to say a price first. lol I guess I will 24/7 monitor Amazon.
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    Random Brand, odd form factor, cheap NVME 1TB

    I have a liteon SSD 120GB 2.5 inch in one of my PCs. I would buy Liteon again. I remember using them for DVD drives
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    If I build computers to resell, where do we buy windows 10 pro?

    I was told to go here to this forum to find legit Windows 10 Pro keys for cheap. The guy listed in the 2nd post is what I am trying to get a Windows 10 Pro key. I just bought a windows 10 Pro key for 11.99 USD from one of those sites that sell bazillion keys. So now I am looking for a cheaper...
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    What are you nerds playing this weekend?

    I am going to play rocket league. I never got into it. At the beginning it was a paid game so I did not bother because I am so cheap. But its free now and also I have time now. so I will try it out lol
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    Basic NVMe PCI 4.0 SSD Questions

    My friend has a AMD 5950x and 3090 with WD SN850 500GB and a WD SN750 1TB. The system is speedy. I notice the difference between PCIe 3 to 4. The SN850 is the main drive The motherboard is a Asus Tuf x570 plus wifi.
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    Ryzen 5 5600X At Microcenter $299

    I kinda wished I lived in the USA to get hardware deals like these. Canada is ok. Sometimes prices are the same on holidays