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    Optical 5.1 input to listen for PC

    The x3 and x4 have optical input but as I mentioned above, that's the easy part...
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    Recommend me a great-sounding 2.1 speaker system for PC?

    The new WiiM Amp is just $299 and includes an eq, true bass management, ARC, chromecast, airplay, the full WiiM streaming suite, 2 way bluetooth, internal psu and its the footprint of a mac mini. Insane value. Had me considering downsizing my gear just to save some space and scale back in...
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    Optical 5.1 input to listen for PC

    You might poke around on the miniDSP site - I think this device is more for setting up an active crossover than doing mult channel but they have a lot of products:
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    Optical 5.1 input to listen for PC

    First, I think we could get the TV output into your PC and out to your speakers but to the best of my knowledge, Windows only handles stereo "line in" - so the most realistic solution is a stereo solution. Second, even if you were going to somehow handle multi channel audio in your PC, you...
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    Optical 5.1 input to listen for PC

    You really need to provide more information and detail to get help with this. 1. What is the source of the 5.1 signal - is it a Blu-Ray player, a TV, a streamer, etc. 2. What is your output stage meaning, when you see yourself listening to the original 5.1 source, are you listening to it in...
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    Desk ideas?

    These are too tall to be ergonomic.
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    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III (2023)

    Took a break from Apex for about a month to level my MW2 guns. Now im really enjoying the dmz style zombies mode
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    Desktop Unit for Treble, Bass, Volume

    For the money you're thinking of spending on an Amp or EQ, I'd suggest getting better speakers. I'd wager you have a "poor speaker" problem and not an EQ problem and spending money on a device is not going to help.
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    DVD slot for the back of case using a bracket?

    One of the first gen Phanteks cases had a rear 5.25 bay but it went EOL before I could get one.
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    Ex Apple Engineer. Let go for using a Galaxy device as my main driver after 17 years.

    I worked at Dell for many years. Always built my own PC I worked at AMD for a few years. Ran intel/nvidia You dontt have to eat the dog food.
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    Looking for 4-7 port Powered USB 3.x Hub for fast charging as well as data!

    I have my PC in the back of the room so all my cables have to route around half the room to reach my desk. I have this USB hub mounted under my desk and it's been solid. Price went up from $69.99 to $90 ish in just over two years, but I'd buy it again.
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    One of Nvidia's most Controversial GPU

    Nobody could turn a phrase quite like Billy - RIP.
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    Cable Modem/Router and Back up Power Supplies?

    We used to get a lot of brief outages - usually less than 2 minutes - often less than 30 seconds. It drove me crazy until I put our cable modem, router and my PC (but not the monitor lol) on a UPS. These little blips are a lot less frequent than they were a few years ago, but they still happen...
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    What are some good laptop speakers that have the capabilities of Surround Sound?

    I ran a nice 7.1 surround sound system for years with Kef speakers, the works. It worked great on Battlefield, Guild Wars 2 and Overwatch. But when I started playing mainly Apex Legends, it just didn't sound right and I couldn't locate sounds like I could in the other games. I got a good...
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    What are some good laptop speakers that have the capabilities of Surround Sound?

    You have two problems: 1. You don't seem to have a device that can output surround sound 2. PC Surround Speakers are very rare and $200 is barely the range for decent stereo speakers Steelseries makes a 5.1 PC Surround Speaker set that uses USB - so it includes the "sound card" - but it costs...