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    Gaming glasses

    Aspheric lenses ftw.
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    USB DAC and studio monitors best option?

    Well, if you didn't think it sounded good, who's to argue? I have my LS50 Metas on a Parasound Halo Integrated Amp and paired with an SVS Micro 3000 I find them to be very detailed and revealing...
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    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (2022)

    I bought this about 10 days ago and I've been really enjoying it. I find that I do best with the marksman guns - a quick headshot beats the console SMGs/ARs (if you don't miss) Got the revolver and the lever action to gold, should have the lever to Plat by the end of the week. A lot of people...
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    USB DAC and studio monitors best option?

    What dac/amp were you using with the passive LS50s/Metas?
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    USB DAC and studio monitors best option?

    What were you doing to those poor Metas that you were missing details? There is nothing magic about self powered speakers named "studio monitors"
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    Is water cooling still needed for good overclocks anymore?

    Fast, quiet, cheap - pick 2 I chose fast and silent... (Eight 200mm fans at 340rpm)
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    What was that AMD? Did you say Samsung is announcing an 8k Ultrawide?

    It has a lot of potential, especially if they use the input virtualization tech they have on the Ark monitor (which lets you scale inputs and move them around) I think it needs to be more the size of two 32" 4K monitors as the current form factor is too small for me. This would give you the...
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    cable management silliness

    Manifest the 3D printed Dragon cable shroud you want to see in the world.
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    RTX 4090 on my system: Possible?

    DACs are the new sound cards.
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    Should i upgrade? i7 8700

    Probably worse for gaming but better for VMs. Most of these "upgrades" look like side grades to me. I didn't see you describe any kind of pain point or issue that you want to improve. Smoother fps, faster compute solutions, etc. Maybe you just want to redo your build for fun - nothing wrong...
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    RARE!!! Boxed 1987 Adlib Music Synthesizer DOS ISA Sound Card

    When was the last motherboard made that could run an 8bit ISA bus card?
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    FS: 2TB SSD ($140 shipped) and 32GB ECC SODIMM (Synology) RAM

    everything is still available
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    FS: 2TB SSD ($140 shipped) and 32GB ECC SODIMM (Synology) RAM

    Got layed off a few weeks back and unemployment looks like it's going to take over 6 weeks before they pay out so I'm trying to take the edge off. $140 (shipped) for the RAM - was going to put it in my Synology, never did - it's BNIB - sealed. This SSD was going to be for one of the kids -...