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    evga sale this weekend,big cuts on gpus

    Why didn't I suffer for just a few more months? "Oh' the humanity!" Damn bad timing that's what it is... As I look over at my RTX 3080 Ti FTW3 Ultra Gaming :eek:
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    LG UltraGear 48GQ900 48" 4K 138Hz OLED

    It's nice if you have a darker room that doesn't have direct sunlight.
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    LG 48" C1 OLED $799.99 Costco w/5 yr warranty - $796.99 Buydig w/4 year extended warranty

    Ordered one just couple hours ago from Costco, got to love their return policy, if any issues arise. I'm going to be sitting around 3-4 feet away will text look like shit or does text look reasonably good, and does it come with a 2.1 HDMI cable? If not it's off to Amazon for me...
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    Gigabyte 6900xt $900 after rebate newegg

    Common knowledge on the www means very little... I've dealt with both companies and Newegg has had the worst return policy, I've never had any issues with Amazon. Newegg also has shady third party sellers, by which they probably use if they are low on stock.
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    Gigabyte 6900xt $900 after rebate newegg

    Newegg's screwed me twice, that's enough, once on a video card, and then on a broken mobo they sent me and when I wanted to return it, they charged me a restock fee for a broken motherboard. They were at one time better than Amazon, but Amazon hasn't ever fucked me on any of my returns large or...
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    Gigabyte 6900xt $900 after rebate newegg

    I wouldn't buy this card from N.E. You won't get a kiss when they screw you, if you decide you want to return the card.
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    Unreal games deal pack = $2.79

    In for 1
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    My audio setup(s) have to love USB

    I have them almost finished; I'm just waiting on a Burson Audio Playmate 2 to show up. All hooked up to main computer through USB.
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    Logitech Extreme 3d Pro $20

    That joystick brings back memories...
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    Hitler finds out his PC can't run Windows 11

    How do you know if Mint's any better with your information than Microshit? Does Mint support other gaming platforms (Origin, Epic, Ect...) without the many fooking issues Linux has had in the past with Windows games?
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    1955 Willy's Jeep

    That's a very nice fixeruper, I wish I could afford it!
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    Win 11 pro's? con's? opinions?

    You didn't think that corporations like MS could be trusted did you? :cautious:
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    Ryzen 7 5800X $411 at Newegg

    Right now it's $398 0n Amazon
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    How do they look?

    It's an older setup, not matched, but sounds excellent and can really annoy the neighbors if I want to. Movies are a joy, music rocks hard. The system has been good for the past 6 years. Denon avr-x3200w 7.2 receiver Definitive Technology Mythos SSA-50 5.0 passive aluminum soundbar weighs...