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    What are you CURRENTLY using?

    Ugh. Using Android. I switched to a different mobile provider and my iPhone 4S doesn't support that provider's frequencies so I bought a Nexus 5. So far my user experience compared to the iPhone 4S has been terrible.
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    The [H]ard Forum Storage Showoff Thread - Post your 10TB+ systems

    When I got a tour of the colo facility we use for work I asked the account manager if I could take pictures. He didn't care. You might be able to get away with more than you think. Then again, he did tell me the names of several other clients by name, so they may not be big on security. No big...
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    Nimble storage Pricing is fairly competitive. I'm curious to see what their shelves will cost next year.
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    Nimble storage

    I hate to resurrect a 6 month old thread but have you learned any more about Nimble? My employer had a sales engineer and account manager in yesterday to discuss the product. It is intriguing and if it works as advertised it seems like a good value. I agree that the markup is pretty high...
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    virtualisation: vmware vs parallels?

    I used to have Parallels on Leopard. After a while it stopped updating itself (it would always fail). When I upgraded to Snow Leopard it told me that it doesn't run on Snow Leopard. Which is kind of douchey, so I crossgraded to VMware Fusion and have been a very happy camper.
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    Your home ESX server lab hardware specs?

    This actually moved to a colo centre. It's up to eight drives ans 12GB of memory. No BBWC yet and just the one CPU and PSU.
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    RAID5 -- Does it matter what HDDs are used?

    You probably want to use disks that are rated for use in a RAID environment. Match other specs if you can. A larger disk is fine but you won't get the extra space, a slower disk will impact performance.
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    Question About Racks and Rack Accessories

    They don't exist! You can't really buy these individually as they tend to come with new racks or certain rackmount gear. But Google products lists them for $20. It's a no-brainer even at that price since it makes it so easy to place and remove cage nuts.
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    Question About Racks and Rack Accessories

    The curved bit on the cage nut tool gets in behind the nut and makes it MUCH easier than using a flat-head screwdriver. My boss and I had this argument when we were racking an entire cabinet of gear. With the cage nut tool I won, easily.
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    Question About Racks and Rack Accessories

    M6 is metric and #10/32 is imperial. Both refer to the threading inside the cage nut. Whatever you do standardise on imperial or metric! The only thing more frustrating than not having a homogeneous set of cage nuts is not having square hole racks. So here's the skinny on square holes...
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    Open Source Inventory Software

    Tracmor is open source. Not very good but it's free. Don't look at the DB schema.
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    Question About Racks and Rack Accessories

    SQUARE HOLES Do not get a rack that does not have square holes unless you want to experience the utter hell of stripping your round-threaded cage or dropping nuts like crazy. Get square holes and cage nuts (and a cage nut tool if you can find one) and it will make your life so much easier...
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    What is in your IT travel kit?

    I'm going to our remote site next month and I'll take: Laptop + charger, notebook & pencil, laptop to DVI cable adapter + DVI cable, spare cat6 patch. I am planning on everything else being there.
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    Best Practice? our company and mobile phones

    No reimbursement for cell phone usage where I work. We're also not on call and not issued a company phone. We do let personal devices into our network, however.
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    Bandwidth usage estimates for enterprise

    Why not look at your existing usage graphs?