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    Microsoft Doesn’t Want Windows 10 Users To Switch To Chrome

    Yeah, Microsoft, I'd love to give Edge a shot. But right now it doesn't have the one feature I most desire in a browser: Adblocking. Give me that and I might even switch over permanently.
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    Minecraft Creator Is Unhappy Being A Billionaire

    Sounds like the story of the Buddha to me. Maybe he should go sit under a tree and find enlightenment.
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    Can I get 1000hz polling rate in Windows 10?

    I guess that answers my question. Thank you very much. Oh, one more thing, did you have to apply a fix or do some sort of tweak on Win10 to get the 1000hz polling rate?
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    Can I get 1000hz polling rate in Windows 10?

    I've been using a Razer Diamondback 3G mouse and managed to get 500hz polling rate for it in Windows 7 by using this USB overclocking method: Since I upgraded to Windows 8.1 this no longer works and I...
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    3D Printing 3D Printers With 3D Printers

    A+ post, would read again.
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    C.H.I.P. - The World's First Nine Dollar Computer

    Can somebody tell me how to edit my signature? I have the specs of my 2008 PC there and would like to update them to reflect my 2014 build. Thanks.
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    C.H.I.P. - The World's First Nine Dollar Computer

    It's a nice project, sure. Personally I'd rather pay a bit more though to get more power, seems silly and out of proportion to spend 9$ for the processing and much more on input devices and display.
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    GTA V PC Patch 350.1 Notes

    It's a pretty solid port all around. Runs well after fixing stuttering issues by disabling the shader cache and increasing process priority. Oh and I needed to disable some shitty Nvidia process related to the shield tablet too. The only problem I had was the game crashing when you...
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    Woman Charged For Flashing Breasts At Street View Car

    So if she was in her 20s and hot, then it wouldn't be a crime, right? Sounds fair.
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    Windows 10 Delivers Updates Using Peer-To-Peer Technology

    I don't like this because I'm on ADSL and that means that if I upload at more than 50% capacity, it means my download speeds and latency tank hard. I'll have to find a way to disable uploading.
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    Controversial .Sucks Domain Is Almost Here

    I'm looking forward to seeing
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    Federal Judge: NSA Mass Surveillance Is Legal

    Who cares whether it's legal or not, if they can do it they will. Justice is the advantage of the stronger.
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    Shell Oil: The Last Gasoline Car Will Be Built in 2070

    I highly doubt we will even be using cars in 2070, there will be some more efficient way of transporting people developed by then.
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    Studios Ask Google to Take Down Their Own Takedown Request

    A non-lethal takedown is always the most silent takedown.
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    12 Awesome Afternoon Projects for Memorial Day

    Here's a good and appropriate activity: Read this article If you wanted to honor the soldiers, then you would have to know that the wars in which they fought in were justified. I'm not criticizing anything in particular, just recommending some reading.