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    Fixing Windows 10 OS from another Windows installation in dual boot?

    Yeah at the beginning I tried every cmd related suggestion from a USB recovery disk but nothing worked. The dual boot was because I'd pretty much given up on the other options.
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    Fixing Windows 10 OS from another Windows installation in dual boot?

    It's possible that I hard reset the machine while the first zoom related Bsod was gathering info It's not the first time I've had a zoom related Bsod but the machine always started up. The above is the only thing I can think I might have done different
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    Fixing Windows 10 OS from another Windows installation in dual boot?

    Zoom video call caused a Bsod after that the OS got stuck in the Bsod loop How would one go about scanning from the second install? It seems all the scan tools, sfc and dsim only scan the current running OS
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    Fixing Windows 10 OS from another Windows installation in dual boot?

    i've tried all of that, most seem to imply actually being able to get into the OS, which i cannot do even in safe mode some of the options described there (DSIM) seem to require being run from with the OS so i'm stumped i was hoping to attempt the repair from the second fresh installation
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    Fixing Windows 10 OS from another Windows installation in dual boot?

    My windows 10 has gotten stuck in a BSOD loop on startup. I've tried startup repair, safe mode, all fail or either BSOD. I really need to fix this installation I've installed a second copy of Windows 10, so now I have a dual boot Is there a way to repair the other Windows 10 copy from the...
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    Acer XR341CKA 21:9 QHD G-Sync IPS Monitor

    Urg. Too bad this thing is curved.
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    John Carmack Joins Oculus as CTO

    I'll always be a fan of Carmack. The man gave us Doom and Quake. The sheer amount of gaming mileage I got out of those two titles.. Carmack was my 1990s.
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    HTC One X usb drivers..

    Yup, USB debugging is enabled. I tried the link you provided already. Browsed from device manager. Just says "windows cannot find drivers for you device". I have connected to ADB previously when unlocking the phone, but nothing I've tried recently seems to work. *stumped*
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    HTC One X usb drivers..

    Anyone know where I can find working USB drivers for win7 64 for this phone? I've tried everywhere, HTC sync, various forums. Basically the phone works as a mass storage device but I cannot connect to it with ADB. Device manager always states it cannot find drivers for my device. Just lists it...
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    DAC or USB Soundcard?

    I understand that an external soundcard has a DAC, I was wondering if the quality was different between a 70euro soundcard and a DAC only device that costs 150euro would be noticeable to my ears?
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    DAC or USB Soundcard?

    I've bought a pair of Mackie MR5 which I plan to hook up to my laptop. I don't want to use my Realtek HD onboard, what I'm trying to decide is whether it get a USB soundcard (x-fi HD) or a DAC (likely an Audioengine D1). Will the DAC provide any perceptible sound quality improvement over the...
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    Samsung 840 Pro -- Owners Report

    Are the Samsung drives reliable? I'm interested in going for a 512 (non-pro). But it seems every SSD released has some quirk or firmware screw-up.
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    No Booting To Desktop In Windows 8?

    Clearly you don't use computers much since you only boot twice a month. Thus your opinion is worthless.
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    Win 7 rebooting during start-up

    Nevermind. Appears one of the 8gig sticks I put in is dead. I thought it was something deeper since the machine managed to boot into safe mode. I guess safe mode somehow doesn't utilise all of the RAM during start-up the way a normal boot does.