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    Intellivision Unveils Amico Console

    The things I liked most about the Intellivision were the 16-directional controller and the voice module. All other console games at the time were 4 or 8 direction only.
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    Gamers try posture corrector velcro straps

    There are several different types, but yes, in general, I would recommend one of these. I believe it's designed to train your body to maintain good posture on its own.
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    High flow filter for loop - does one exist?

    Just thinking out of the box here.... Is there a very big reservior available that includes a filter or where one could be installed? I would think a very large filter on top of the resv would be the ideal location. Of course, you'll need a lot more fluid to add. Kinda something like this...
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    Free / Open Source Network Device / Asset Tool

    You can get all of that info from NMAP if you know the right command line parameters... However, if you want actual patch numbers, hotfix, etc., then only an authenticated scan can give you that.
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    Fastest Current Single Slot Video Card?

    It's a steal, practically. :D
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    Microsoft adding a watermark on systems running Windows 11 that don't meet the system requirements

    Microsoft is so stupid... if it runs, then how can they say it doesn't meet the system requirements? Kind of a paradox....
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    Intel ARC Performance and Pricing Speculation

    Looks like Intel is all marketing and no success in the GPU space. Who would have suspected they have the same fab/supply chain problems as the rest of the world? :sarcasm: With all these fulfillment problems and exodus from Russia, I bet their stock is a good buy.
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    Home network got hacked, investigating the cause/infection?

    No need to scare the guy. He had an open port true, but it's not the end of the world. Though, a full assessment is definitely in order.
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    Home network got hacked, investigating the cause/infection?

    Yeah, so there is likely a process running on the Windows machine that the attacker is using. I.e., it's called a RAT (remote access trojan). Possible causes: * Your "remote access from phone to router" was likely using weak cryptography. * Having *any* port forwarding on your router to LAN...
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    Buying open box motherboard - dumb idea?

    I bought an open box MB from NewEgg. Works great. Of course, it was missing a few accessories but otherwise fine. YMMV. PS I think I saved $50 over new retail.
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    Intel ARC Performance and Pricing Speculation

    Intel ARC mobile should be released today. Should be interesting to see REAL benchmarks and comparisons in the coming weeks...
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    Gaming in your 40s

    Aside from the occasional FPS or platformer to blow off work stress, the only games I play now are couch co-op with the wife. I believe the days of playing through a long RTS/FPS by myself are gone. However, I prefer the RPG co-op games now because 1) story is more engaging; 2) it's a...
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    Anyone else got a 6700XT?

    I got the 6600 XT for a good price, but I'm half regretting it seeing all these 6700 XT benchmarks. Oh well. Not worth now. FWIW, I think prices are at a low now, but they'll go back up as inflation continues to eat away at our money and war rages on.
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    Hogwarts Legacy

    Looks like an interesting and fun game. I hope there is a bigger over-arching plot / goal to make the ending epic, assuming it has an ending.
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    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070: up to 30% faster than RTX 3090 in gaming

    In other news, I foresee NVIDIA splitting their market offerings to crypto vs gamers. I see these high-power 600w cards to be aimed at crypto crowd; most gamers will go for the mid-range (<= 350w) & low-range options. It only makes (corporate profit) sense to reap profit from crypto craze...