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    Tag Heuer releases $2,150 Mario smartwatch

    I'm a Jaeger Lecoultre man myself. :P
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    Are AMD drivers really still terrible?

    Parahelia until the day I die. 😎
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    38” Alienware - $1282

    I have this monitor and love it. No issues whatsoever, and the perfect size/form factor.
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    Forgive me Father, for I have sinned...

    Don't beat yourself up over it.
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    edit: It's Official! Reference Liquid Cooled RX 6900XT

    No, Microcenter! You were the chosen one!
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    Facebook announces ads in Oculus Headset

    FB being involved with Oculus is one of the main reasons I've yet to get into VR.
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    Bought an MSI refurb prebuilt for its 3080. 3080 is 100% defective. What to do?

    Glad it all worked out for you. Time to game!
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    More DLSS...

    Touché ;)
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    Domino's Delivery Robots

    Someone will probably get ran over trying to rob one. And the intersection will be turned into another anarchic autonomous zone.
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    More DLSS...

    Dang, DLSS is progressing rapidly. I'm interested to see what comes next.
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    3080 Ti available at select physical Best Buy locations starting tomorrow morning (no online orders)

    Agreed, my dad is 68 and since he is retired I'm sure he games more than I do.
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    I see the GTX1650 Super isn't going to be restocked; what then will be the equivalent?

    You're right, I wasn't aware there was that significant of a difference between the 1650 and the 1660 until you mentioned it.
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    NVIDIA To Cut RTX 2060 Supply This Month

    I had assumed Nvidia had already stopped producing the 2000 series. Odd.
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    Are AMD drivers really still terrible?

    Does anyone else remember the days when AMD (then ATi) had superior 2D display drivers?
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    Newegg Shuffle going bezerk

    *Sips tea from his kettle won from Newegg Shuffle* Bow to me, peasants. ;)