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    Current state of PhysX? Is it well and truly dead?

    What kind of effects does PhysX provide for that game
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    What ya using your 1x slots for?

    Don't use them for anything right now. I don't connect to wifi though cause I use ethernet.
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    What is fastest cpu i can get?

    Nice I have a B450
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    Are you upgrading your quad core in 2020?

    I've had a 6 core for a while. Initially bought with the intentions of using modeling or editing software but really I just play games
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    So.....who's buying a 3070?

    I will eventually. I figure everything will still be there years from now, and will be much cheaper. I'm still catching up on playing games from 5 years ago, so 5 years from now I'll buy a 3070 and play today's games.
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    Samsung Odyssey 1440p VA monitors 240hz curved

    I think I'm interested but I'm not sure. Thoughts?
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    8 TB PCI-E SSD drive

    Sounds like a $1000 item
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    Borderlands 3

    Anybody recommend finishing Borderlands 1? never got the chance to complete
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    Scythe Fuma 2 - should I use the y splitter?

    What’s the reverse spin fan thing?
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    Scythe Fuma 2 - should I use the y splitter?

    Awesome thanks for the quick response
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    Scythe Fuma 2 - should I use the y splitter?

    I’ve got two headers for CPU fans on my motherboard but a Y-splitter will be included when my new cooler arrives. Would both fans be treated as one if I used the splitter or would I need to use the two separate headers to control each fan individually?
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    Did nvidia throw a 1-2 punch to AMD with Ampere?

    I'm thinking they'll have competitive prices but won't touch the 3090