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    Not So Random [H] Sighting

    MAWR Pics!! LInkz?
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    How to connect PC to Receiver

    Thanks for the reply.. I'm using a sound card which is Audigy 2 ZS plat.. old guy serves well but needs to be upgraded.. I figured everything out that the card's digital output doesn't do optical like todays Audigy, I'm guessing... So now I'm just using 3.5 to RCA cable.. Now on the Marantz...
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    How to connect PC to Receiver

    I tried hooking up my PC sound to a Marantz sr4002 receiver by connecting the Digital Out (3.5mm) to the Opt In of the receiver (Toslink cable with a 3.5mm converter for the Audigy 2 ZS dig out).. I just want to know what im missing there? What config my receiver should be and all that stuff...
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    Popular budget receivers?

    Marantz 4002 ($299 refurb/$350) new ( I have one and just the weight of it you could tell quality..
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    Help me choose an A/V Receiver

    Good stuff man.. Had to say it since I have that Marantz 4002 (Really really heavy piece of equipment) too but i need speakers still.. All i could do right now is read and read the manual for fun heh..
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    ** A Picture I Took - 2009 **

    Nice really really wide pano.. I think i saw that pic in the front page a few weeks ago.. Good stuff.. and saw girl in undies..
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    Help me choose an A/V Receiver

    How about Marantz 4002 from accessories4less for $299 refurb free ship ($350new)? Would that be a good deal for him?
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    Wireless keyboard and mouse with decent range?

    +1 for Logitech DiNovo (not Edge version) it works very far and good.. have this since 04 still works like new..
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    Awesome receiver for the price

    ok thank you..
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    Awesome receiver for the price

    Hello there.. I didnt really want to make a new thread so ill just ask here.. Is it possible to hook up the Promedia (2.1) Speakers to a receiver? and will the power of a receiver not ruin the speakers? And whats best way to hook up PC to receiver? (I have an Audigy 2 and thinking of hooking up...
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    Awesome receiver for the price

    Just a quick question.. I saw a marantz 4002 for sale in Clist for $250.. Is this receiver would be better than a Onkyo 607? Thank you for your replies..
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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    Where did you get the LCD arm for cheap?
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    Damn, Promedia 2.1 problem... What now?

    I have mine since 03(the alien round looking one) but i think my right side of the speaker is getting weaker in sound and the left is pretty loud.. I have to balance them to sound right... =(
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    Just bought Canon Rebel XS... which lens would you recommend?

    Canon EF 24-105mm f/4 L IS Im just a lurker but i wanna know if someone tried(experience) this lens?..
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    Post your "rate my cables" here

    Raikiri what kind of speakers you got?