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    [Rumor] Windows 12 to arrive in fall 2024 with a floating taskbar and a focus on AI

    Maybe, I feel like talking is just inherently slower, there's also processing time. If I can have it build gui scripts for me or shell scripts that I want to run then sure that's cool, there's still times where I just want to click on things. Rather than "Ciri open fire fox and go to...
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    Resident Evil 4 (remake)

    She's wearing a tight red dress lol. I'm jealous of that dude's nuns he was around growing up.
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    GeForce RTX 5000 GPUs Rumored For A 2024 Release And Huge Performance Uplift

    Yeah I was thinking 2025, and probably late 2025 for blackwell, I'm curious if RDNA 3+ is a thing, I'm guessing it probably will be.
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    I want a new GPU for VR!

    Seems like a lot of people have had bad experiences with the card, so far aside from the idle power issue it's been a more reliably and stable card than RDNA2. I am having a new issue now that I have a TV plugged into it as well, the USB C port on my reference card is kind of annoying because...
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    LG - 48" Class A2 Series OLED $550 at best buy

    Seems like it'd be great for my bedroom
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    The Last of Us Part I

    What does "fine" mean? Just curious, my performance is exactly the same across all resolutions and settings.
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    The Last of Us Part I

    If they tell me my CPU isn't fast enough I understand, but why am I gett 50 FPS on all low 1080p with a 7900 XTX while not seeing any real load on my CPU? The whole thing makes no sense. Oh well. Do you think it's Denuvo? I'm super bummed, this is a top 5 of all time game for me and I haven't...
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    The Last of Us Part I

    Well, my disappoint is immeasurable and my day is ruined. I absolutely cannot get this game to not tank the framerate. It doesn't matter if I'm completely maxed at 4k, or if I run all low at 1080p, the game sits at 50 fps or dips below any time there's an encounter. Was everything in the game...
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    used 7900 xtx with no warranty question

    There's only a few GPU companies left that transfer warranty with the serial number. They should all do it again now that crypto mining is dead IMO, but they're all scummy and just looking to maximize profit at your loss. I think only gigabyte and MSI can be done based off of the serial /...
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    The EOL for GT and RX5000 series cards has begun

    I still have an RX 570, it's sitting in a box but I still have it lol. Never know when you'll need to RMA your card and still need to be able to work. Time flies, honestly the 5700 XT is still a solid performer overall.
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    The EOL for GT and RX5000 series cards has begun

    Remedy has always pushed graphics technology forward, Alan Wake was one of the first games to use DX 11 I think? Control was major push forward as well, and runs at low on PS5 and Series X. This is really cool, as a PC gaming forum first and foremost, people should be praising any developer...
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    4080 or 4090 for 4K gaming?

    4090 the 4080 is overpriced garbage
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    Radeon RX 7800 XT Reviews

    What the rest of your machine? 600 seems low (great name btw).
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    The Last of Us Part I

    Really hoping this goes on sale. Just got a new Samsung s90c and I won the panel lottery (second gen). Want to play this on TV. Fingers crossed for the steam Halloween sale. Also my pumpkins are ready, great harvest. Almost totally ready for spooky season gaming, just need the game.