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    Windows on ARM: a few questions

    Does anyone have experience with Windows on an ARM device? I'm heavily considering getting such a tablet/convertible, specifically the Samsung Galaxy Book2. I'm a bit confused on a couple specific points. 1. Firefox came out with a version specifically for ARM, so that emulation is avoided...
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    Recommendations for tablet and/or tablet keyboard for kitchen (dirty environment) usage?

    I'm interested in a tablet primarily for watching TV/videos at home, with the capability to also use it for traveling, digital note taking, etc. if necessary. I really like watching TV while eating or even cooking, and for this I've been using the original Yoga Book...
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    Phone randomly died for no reason whatsoever. Appears bricked. Can anything be done?

    I'm kind of freaking out... I was charging the phone. It got to 90%, and I picked it up, unplugging it. Checked something on it, pressed power button to turn off screen and set it down again. Came back to it a few minutes later, and... it's dead. Absolutely no response to anything I do. Plugging...
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    Is it really not possible to play BF1 with a 2500K Sandy Bridge CPU?

    Nice. Thanks for the recommendations! I guess I should not have asked for the "best" card that can work with that PSU lol. Sounds like the 1060 will be more than I'm willing to spend now.
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    Is it really not possible to play BF1 with a 2500K Sandy Bridge CPU?

    Well, based on what I'm seeing in the For Sale/Trade thread, <$100? There's a thread from nearly 2 months ago of someone selling a Radeon 470 4GB for $70. Is that normal? I don't even know what the fair price for anything is... But the bottom line is I'm trying to get by as cheaply as possible lol.
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    Is it really not possible to play BF1 with a 2500K Sandy Bridge CPU?

    Oh wow, can't believe I neglected to Google "battlefield 1 on 2500k" before posting... 😆 Now I see that lots of people have explored this question. No, never bothered to even look into it haha. I have this slightly awkward arrangement of 24 GB. 8 GB x2 of PC3-10700 and 4 GB x2 of PC3-12800H...
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    Is it really not possible to play BF1 with a 2500K Sandy Bridge CPU?

    Maybe a stupid question... Sorry if so, lol. I barely play any games, but recently my roommate and I were thinking we want to play Battlefield 1. So, I just wanted to double-check: is it really not possible to set the game to all the lowest settings and play it on my 2500K Sandy Bridge CPU? The...
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    Any recommendations for a session backup add-on for Firefox?

    A few months ago I got burned by Firefox where it crashed and then the session was wiped out. None of my windows and tabs were restored even though I have it set to restore session. I don't recall the precise circumstances but I think it also updated itself, and that had something to do with it...
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    How can one search for files from the Win 10 start menu??!

    What the heck even is the "home folder"? Lol
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    How can one search for files from the Win 10 start menu??!

    I was watching this video, which is about how to (supposedly) recover unsaved WordPad files: If you go to approximately 1:57, it tells you to search for .tmp files on your PC. It says to simply type .tmp into the Start Menu and search for those files. Uhhhhh this is impossible. Below is what...
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    Google Pixel 3

    What needle is this? Where did you find it? Is it a regular needle used for sewing?
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    Google Pixel 3

    Guys, I've found the solution. At least for my phone, the solution is to buy Sony-branded USB-C cables, which can be found on Ebay. Like you, I've tried a few 3rd party cables from Amazon, including from Anker--which is supposedly a more well-known (and better quality?) brand--and they are all...
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    Google Pixel 3

    Hey guys, I found this thread because I searched the forum for something related to USB-C port problems. I've never owned a Google phone, but since it looks like a few people are asking this question about other phones, I'll chime in. I have a Sony XZ1 Compact, and I've had it for like 2 years...
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    Confusion over Win 10 license & product keys

    I really don't know. It was like 4 years ago probably, and I don't remember such a detail at all. It's definitely the Education edition. Which I would only be able to get if I somehow used the software I got from my university. *** I would absolutely love to just leave Laptop 1 as it is...