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    Inside China's underground illegal black market for high-end Nvidia AI chips

    How come? Just because OpenAI is an American company or?
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    Meta announces its Quest 3 VR headset, which will cost $499.99

    The meta account is also linked to an extensive network of tracking pixels placed on websites all across the Internet..
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    Google announces ChatGPT rival Bard, with wider availability in ‘coming weeks’

    Big disagree. This isn't like NFT's or even crypto fads, this is changing the way things are done in a LOT of industries. I've already replaced several contractors with ChatGPT and I'm just a little guy so the ripple effects are going to be felt far and wide. Do not underestimate this technology.
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    LastPass says no passwords were compromised following breach scare

    I appreciate the detailed answer. I had reading conflicting information from users on Reddit which is why I was wondering if there's a way to determine password strength. This user seems to think their encryption is garbage. When I logged into LastPass it's showing me 100,100 iterations but I've...
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    LastPass says no passwords were compromised following breach scare

    Is there a way to check to see how strong (relatively speaking) our master passwords are? Say for example a 14 character password with numbers, letters, and a few special characters thrown on to the end? Edit: I found a website that's a password entropy calculator that says my password is 85...
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    Unreal Engine 5 Feature Showcase

    Not gunna lie, this makes my PP hard. The scenes around the 19 minute mark are.. unreal
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    Notebook Review and Forums closing 1/31/2022

    Can someone explain to me how a website has to shut down? Why wouldn't they just sell it instead of closing the site entirely? Traffic is worth money.
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    So after 5 years, my 980TI is dying. What should I do to avoid a 1K card purchase?

    Even a 3060 is going to outperform your 980ti
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    PUBG Devs Admit Performance Sucks

    Escape From Tarkov. I haven't played PUBG since.
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    Apple will remotely install software to scan all US phones for child sex abuse images

    To all the people saying “it’s just the hashes, who cares”: I can’t remember if it was leak from Snowden, ShadowBrokers, or Hacking Team but a few years back there was a leaked script that showed they could generate files with known CP hashes on a target’s computer. To the people saying Apple...
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    What made you switch?

    People are still jailbreaking iphones in 2021? What apps are you running that you need to be jailbroken for?
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    Got my Westinghouse LVM-37W3 37" 1080p display today!

    I just got rid of mine a little over a year ago. It had been sitting in storage for the past 6 years but AFAIK it still worked!
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    GDM-FW900 CRT (needs repaired)

    Can someone explain to me why anyone would want this in 2021? $600 for a broken CRT?
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    Anyone pickup the new iPad Pro for 2021?

    Sooooo... are you selling your old one? :P
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    Anyone pickup the new iPad Pro for 2021?

    I'm also curious about it. I wish it could run the full Mac OS given the hardware.