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    Is UPS putting out simulated sine wave when AVR is active ?

    I do think online UPS are very good and I always recommend it unless people can't stand any fan noise. A relay could also be used to switch taps on a transformer for AVR (though there are other ways to accomplish this than relays as well) but most likely for a cheaper UPS it is indeed just a...
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    Are Seagate drives better these days?

    Seagate still sucks as they pretty much always have.
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    2 PCs to 1 set of speakers, long distance

    Right, but what I'm curious about is why some people think PC speakers are so amazing that they'd consider buying DACs and ADCs and all sorts of things just to make them usable rather than just buying the right stuff? Audio is not a some game of "what do I need to buy to make PC speakers work in...
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    2 PCs to 1 set of speakers, long distance

    You shouldn't need to go digital for speaker wires (and in fact you'd always need an amplifier on the speaker end to do so), only maybe line-level stuff with high impedance... I've run long speaker wires all over the place with no issue. If you ARE running line level signals by using powered...
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    HGST's 10TB drive uses custom software to access shingled platters

    I could not disagree more. I would not buy or recommend these drives to anyone for any purpose.
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    Is UPS putting out simulated sine wave when AVR is active ?

    This might also be out of your price range, but if you can find something like this used inexpensively, it could be a good addition: As the product shows, these...
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    Skylake -k confirmed for August/September

    I couldn't care less about iGPU or not but they should really give us VT-d (IOMMU) in the -K CPUs.. I don't buy -K because I care about this feature, but it makes no sense that they disable it in the -K series.
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    Studio speakers - can I get stereo sound?

    Well, you can find one with 1/4" jacks or you can use the same 1/8"-stereo-to-dual-1/4"-mono adapter with any DAC or sound card that has 1/8". 1/4" isn't uncommon, though, if you go for pro audio stuff. Maybe something from Behringer. Also you could get 2 RCA-to-1/4"-mono adapters if you get...
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    Is UPS putting out simulated sine wave when AVR is active ?

    For that amount of difference, you can try a separate AVR/autotransformer between the mains and UPS. As long as the grid can still supply enough power (would need more current to counteract the decreased voltage), it should work fine. It is not necessarily the case that the grid would be able...
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    What's this device a technician installed behind my TV?

    Such filters do exist as do the channel filters mentioned by others. Hard to say which this is. But this is possible. Similarly to the filters for the cable modem frequencies, there are also MoCA filters, though the tech in this case would not likely have a reason to install one of those (even...
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    Old SSDs vs New Short-Stroked 10K HDD

    SAS6i sucks. I don't understand why someone would want to use one today.
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    New York Regulator Issues Final Virtual Currency Rules

    BitCoin should be treated no differently than any other transaction between individuals. Government should be no more involved than they would be if I were trading MTG cards. And the reason they want to be involved is NOT for protection, but for taxes and for the drug war (Silk Road), etc. I...