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    Ddr4 vs ddr5

    Thing is if you go DDR5'll be looking at DDR5 7000+ kits this time next year. When I bought my DDR4 setup the best was 3200... Buying now it''s peak speed DDR4 or early days slow DDR5... (though DDR5 is probably faster)
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    Do NVMe's SSD's today provide real-world performance advantages over SATA SSD's?

    I wasn't talking about games. The question was what bottlenecks NVMe (or any storage)'s micro files.
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    Do NVMe's SSD's today provide real-world performance advantages over SATA SSD's?

    I would say the real issue with storage is the trend towards microfiles. You now have software that for some reason has to store its data in tens or hundreds of thousands of KB range files. You can have 7000MBps transfer speeds but that stuff is going to copy at 10KBps all day long. As for day...
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    got a reminder of just how much faster a system is with SSD

    Nah all the ones I get in are the HP 32GB ones that have soldered SSD/RAM. They are all in normal mode, not S and impossible to update. I have to copy the data off, rebuild and slot in a 128GB microSD and use that for the user data. They must have been pushed to the UK or something. Thank god...
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    got a reminder of just how much faster a system is with SSD

    Windows has a lot more cacheing and data compression algorithms going on since Windows 8 days. It's moving little bits of stuff around between RAM and storage a lot more. I think a lot of it was due to them wanting to compete with Chromebooks so it had to handle running with 32GB of storage and...
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    GN: RDNA3 explained in detail.

    Hmmm over-priced and over-specced GPU or food/rent and heating? Tough call.
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    DJ Application

    I had to organise a xmas party a few years ago. We had a DJ in our group who said he would do it for £250! I had seen what a DJ constitutes nowadays and its just hitting play on a playlist. Had he been a full 80's style Technics DJ I would have considered it. So instead I created a 8 hours...
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    Insane GPU prices in 2022 WTF?

    You just buy the card you actually NEED not the the one you WANT!
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    Overclocking 2P/4P Opterons

    What is the wattage draw at the wall of that? :eek:
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    ddr4 4000mhz 2x8 vs 3600 2x16 dual vs single rank FOR GAMING

    Alway remember seeing folks putting up their dual channel bandwidth and latency benches back around 2015-2018 and then I'd put in my quad channel X99 DDR4 3200 figues and it would be WTF!?! Still holds up reasonably well today.
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    Transcend SSD first 30% slow and unstable speed, why?

    Do a test with ATTO or CrystalDisk mark?
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    Anybody plan on grabbing one of the new RX7xxx Navi cards on launch?

    Hmmm went from a RX480 to a 6700XT that I paid £200 over the odds for 18 months ago. I wasn't that bothered as I'd had a decent inheritance so was flush. But haven't really pushed the 6700XT. The main reason was I wanted to hand the RX480 to my brother to use. Probably be a 9XXX series for...
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    I'd like to share why most M.2 nvme drives are "hot"?

    I keep a stock of thermal pads from 0.5mm to 2mm just for this.
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    Question about how robust is a SSD RAID 1 on an AMD motherboard ?

    I would have thought different spec SSDs in RAID1 would be less critical than say in RAID0. Essentially as its just writing the same old data to two different drives. It's not like two identical HDDs or SSDs performed exactly the same either. As long as they are the same size. Sure for...