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    New DAC SMSL SU-1 very impressed listening for a couple hours now.

    Pretty much this. It's been mature tech now for decades. The odd thing often is the $1000+ DACs (usually the $5000+ range) are often awful performers at a technical level compared to the $100 ones. However, that doesn't mean to say you won't like the sound they make. Technical performance (good...
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    Windows 7/8 Product Key to install Windows 10 workaround - possibly no longer

    Not bought a copy of 10 since it came out.
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    How little memory is too little?

    The main thing is you have to have a SSD. Modern systems cannot run without them. I now refuse to work on a machine if it has not got a SSD. They get upgraded and then I work on them. RAM is secondary.
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    How little memory is too little?

    For folks just wanting to browse and do Office stuff 6GB is as low as I'll go. If I get a customers laptop in that still only has 4GB, I'll slap in a 2GB stick of the same speed for free as I usually have a few laying around. It gives a nice little buffer. Plus the SSD I always upgrade them...
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    Enterprise SSD as Main OS Drive?

    I got a U.2 Optane P4800X a few weeks ago and used the Startech PCIe adaptor. All worked perfectly. I would get more...
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    Are you happy with win 11?

    Only thing that I really hate is the no simple option for a local account at setup. You have to fudge it.
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    Nvme Crucial p3 plus 2 TB firmware fail

    I've given up doing firmware on SSDs for some time now. The reason being most of the update apps are junk. They either don't detect the very drive they were designed for or just fail the drive. Never noticed a difference after any that I did update anyway.
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    Help with M-KEY M.2 NVMe SSD Adapter

    Nope! Use them in NVMe equipped laptops or convert them to USB for faster external data storage.
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    Best 2TB SSD for my needs?

    Do you do lots of long data transfers and then on top lots more data copying and deleting? If so get the Samsung. If you just want somewhere to dump data as mostly archive, get the P3
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    Huge Memory Boost - AMD's next AGESA update's giving Ryzen 7000 fast DDR5 support

    Built many many PCs in the past 25 years. The ones that have given me the most grief the past 4-5 years? Ryzen machines. It's always RAM releated. Never used to worry about RAM but everytime I get asked to build a Ryzen machine my heart sinks. If I get a Ryzen machine in that has's...
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    Cheap way to install Windows 11?

    I hate Linux tutorials...they all skip the "well you know how to do all the initial steps cos you are not a NOOB obviously.." initial steps that get you to the meat of what you want to do and start at step 6. Windows tutorials will 99.99999% of the time start with "Click the Start button..."...
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    Prime95 - How long is long enough?

    Until the next time you do...
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    Prime95 - How long is long enough?

    There is always that risk of something 'crashing' no matter how long you test it or run it. For most people they are wasting time and energy stress testing for more than 30 minutes to an hour.
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    Prime95 - How long is long enough?

    I do one pass and done. It just needs to run as long as you'd maybe thrash your machine for 100%. Which in most cases isnt that long. I always used to laugh at posts here saying "Oh you need to run Prime95 for 1-3 days solid to class your machine as stable!" Yeah you still live at home don't...
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    eBay sellers, what's there game???????

    I just picked up a cheap 375GB U2 Optane P4800X with 400GB of writes for less than 10% of its sale price.