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    Car Audio Amp in HT setup

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    Need alternative software for MacOS X

    You could dual boot xp and osx... keep using all your old programs in windows on your new mac. :cool:
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    1366x768 on OS X....How?

    1366x768 is the same ratio as 1280x720... the tv accepts 720p and will scale it. most likely.. :p
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    CompUSA match web price in store + $100 IR = ATI X1800XT 512 $399

    I wish I read the end of this thread... I just paid $499 + tax, expecting a pricematch to $399... Thinking about keeping it and using that $50 rebate...
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    ZyXel Wireless G router 19.99 at Compusa

    Thanks OP, great deal. Running wireless right now! WPA2 is better than WEP, right?
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    [H]ot - HTS3500mkII MonsterPower active line conditioner for $145 shipped

    If you cant hear the subtle noise of AC power, dont buy one.
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    Is .Mac useful?

    Screen Spanning on iMac
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    Garage Band Error

    yeah, for sure... click.
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    Garage Band Error

    I just remembered... you can lock the tracks that you aren't working on to take the load off the cpu...
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    Best value AGP video card ~ $200?

    extra ram and pipes = worth it
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    Garage Band Error

    I finally got Only to download and extract properly. It gives me the performance error even with the large buffer. I guess it is indeed ram and hdd speed... which is weird, because THTF is about as many tracks as Only. Maybe its time to up this thing to 1.25gb! edit: It actually ran...
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    Garage Band Error

    The Hand that Feeds for GarageBand ran well when I had my 1.25GHz mini, but it was upgraded to a hitachi 7200/8mb hdd and a 1gb stick. I'm about to try it on my ibook.. 1.33/512mb/4200rpm/2mb hdd - THTF runs pretty well on the ibook too.. Make sure to set the processor performance to...
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    Low Power Speakers to go with X-Fi?

    the br1's aren't powered (no built in amp) ( ahh you mentioned that) I've never tried a sonic impact, but it seems grossly underpowered. I don't have monitors myself (6.5" Infinity Bookshelf speakers on 100w/channel amp).. they have to be spaced fairly far apart to make a good sound stage...
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    Low Power Speakers to go with X-Fi?

    monitors are quality speakers, aiming for accurate reproduction of the source, for listening at close distances in an evenly spaced sound field. (ie, environment like a mix console, or pc desk) , potentially less fatiguing than headphones for extended usage. With proper arrangement and...
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    Low Power Speakers to go with X-Fi?

    Have you ever considered a pair of powered studio monitors? Something decent can be found at a fair price. ~6/6.5" Main drivers. near field sound... awesome for music, and everything else. edit: maybe the 6s are a bit pricy. I like the bass much better than on smaller drivers. 4" or...