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    MSI Releases Beta Bios's with (-) Voltage offset for 5800X3D on certain B550 boards

    Hey folks, This is something I've been bugging MSI about for a little while now and it's finally here!!! We can now undervolt our 5800x3d's on several B550 boards through the bios. This current list is as per below but they're planning on adding this option to all 500 series boards soon...
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    MSI Vs. ASUS 6700 XT

    Both seem to be great but the Asus is 50 bucks cheaper right now on amazon so maybe that one? That being said, I have to ask... why not get a reference 6750XT from directly? It handily beats up the 6700 XT and is available at MSRP. Just wondering...
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    GIGABYTE RTX 3070 8GB Gaming OC $550 with coupon

    Wow! That is a great price for a 6900XT! Especially for those who want something now.
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    capacitor broke off

    I've had a few of those fall off in my years. On my 8800GTS back in the day I opened my case and it was just laying there. Card worked fine though. A little bit of solder and it was back on. That card lasted until I stopped using it.
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    5800X3D hits 90C for REALLY simple things...

    I'll look again but I believe it to be blocked. I previously had a 3800x in there where I could adjust the voltage. PBO Tuner works but the lowest my voltage will go it 1.18. I'd love to try 1v like that one dude...
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    5800X3D hits 90C for REALLY simple things...

    MSI MPG B550I
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    5800X3D hits 90C for REALLY simple things...

    Mine was definitely throttling under high load. And my original post mentioned my cinebench scores which were off. Something like IBT or P95 will still get it to hit 90c though. If that's normal behavior, it's a first for me. Perhaps one of the reasons it's marketed so heavily as a gaming CPU is...
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    [DEAD] $1050 Legion 5 Gen 6 AMD (15") with RTX 3060

    That's a lot of laptop for the money
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    HP Aero 13.3" (400nits) with Ryzen 7 5800U (Zen 3), 16GBs, 512GB... $683

    Didn't buy but the coupon worked for me.
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    BioShock: The Collection (Epic Store 05/26- 06/02)

    I thought Infinite was excellent. One of fav's of all time.
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    MSI X570 Tomahawk review: possibly the best $200 X570

    Just curious. Did this bios unlock voltage control for 5800X3D's by chance? I have no intention of overclocking, but rather undervolting without using software.
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    5800x for $265

    Tisk itself if legit. $265 seems like a good price but considering you can get a new one for around $300 I'm not sure I'd do it.
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    I Broke a $900 Motherboard

    Oof. Ouch.
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    I Broke a $900 Motherboard

    A steady hand and a needle should set things straight.
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    5800X3D hits 90C for REALLY simple things...

    Adjusting fan curve took it down another 3 degrees to 80.4 at 1.2V. I think I might be ok now. Just really hoping MSI releases an updated bios that let's me undervolt permanently. Thanks for all the help everyone. Now to RMA this darned cooler... EDIT: 3DMark CPU test max temp was 74C with the...