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    Galaxy Gives it Away!

    I'm feeling lucky!
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    Samsung 226BW 22": 3000:1 Contrast, 2ms response time

    Most people wouldn't notice a difference before using the profile. When you get a chance look on newegg at the amount of feedback on this monitor. Out of the box no matter which one you get, it's going to be a kickass panel due to the parts being supplied by samsung. There is just going to be...
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    Samsung 226BW 22": 3000:1 Contrast, 2ms response time This is everything in a nutshell. No worries on what panel you have, there is a downloadable profile on the link above that makes all of them the same.
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    Name this piece?

    Nah, I've used one for years, never had a problem, I let someone else have it for their home so I need a replacement. Replacing the wire isn't feasible.
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    Name this piece?

    thanks man, that's the one
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    Name this piece?

    I need to order a piece, it's a connector that connects 2 pieces of CAT5, like has two females, so I can take 2 25' lan cables and make it 50' by plugging both into this "coupling". I can't think of the name to be able to search on newegg, thanks for any help.
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    searching through text files

    I wasn't able to get windows to find the text at all in files using that method, the file was an .est file for custom software so maybe that has something to do with it. Windows Desktop search worked like a champ.
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    searching through text files

    Hey, I have 1000's of text files that I want to search through to see which ones have a certain text in them. Is there a program that I can download that will search all of the files for me? They are all on the same hardrive but different folders. Like I'm looking to see which ones have the text...
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    FS: PSP

    You can get a power adaptor from anywhere for these things for like 10 bucks, why not get one test it and up the price? $50 is ridiculously cheap. If you got the $10 dollar adaptor and tested it you could make up to $125 $150 for this..
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    WTB: 18th Birthday Party Ideas - 5$
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    WTB: 18th Birthday Party Ideas - 5$

    Dick in a box!