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    To all network Gurus:

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    Post your best Mods

    I can guarantee you that Mashie did do that mod. However, Mashie is certainly not putting his best mod forward. :D Thanks for the props, and yes, it is big.
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    Post your best Mods

    Oldie: A little more recent:
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    The "Big Case" Gallery!

    My old beater...
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    It's no Optimus keyboard, but still kinda cool.

    Just stumbled across this: Enjoy :)
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    Post your Paintjobs!

    Mine :)
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    Pimpest keyboard ever!

    $100?, $200?? Are you kidding? I would be suprised if it sold for under $1000!
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    Project: "Huge Big Tower Thing"

    So your wife lost her job and you broke up with your girlfriend. But now you have worked things out with your girlfriend and will continue to live with her... How does your wife feel about that? ;)
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    Battery Powered Desktop

    For the record, the drive is battery powered, not the computer.
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    2005 Post Your Workstation

    Just a little update on my office now that Rat Fink is up and running. I know I still owe everyone a write-up on it, but the holidays have been pretty hectic.
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    started a hp net server coffee....

    Heavy Metal
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    started a hp net server coffee....

    I meant that as a joke as I have a project with the similar name. Cheers
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    started a hp net server coffee....

    What a stupid name! j/k :D Nice project.