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    Dual Layer DVD

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    Best Non-First-Person-Shooters

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    PDA Screen

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    I Need the Best Bag With the Best Price!!

    Brenthaven makes awesome bags. I have the FusionMB Messenger Bag for my 15 inch MBP
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    Official Moola Invites Thread

    I have 3, PM me w/ your email if you want one.
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    IMAP Client

    I am tired of the bad interface on Squirrelmail. Any alternatives?
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    Official Moola Invites Thread

    I have 2 left, PM me with your email if you want one. **ALL USED UP!**
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    Network Connection Drops when Idle

    I tried that and it doesn't work...anything else to try?
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    Network Connection Drops when Idle

    When my computer is locked and I am not using it, I usually keep GAIM running. If I come back after a few hours of inactivity, GAIM is still connected, but none of my other programs can connect to the internet. The only fix is to restart. Any suggestions?
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    Password Folder

    I have XP Home. Does using "Make this folder private" under the sharing tab work? Do I need to back something up with that?
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    Password Folder

    Is it possible to password/encrypt a folder but still have it accessable when I am loged in? I run Windows XP.
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    The one at the top called WhiteBand.
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    Ok, the code that makes the white band in the upper right corner of your page for MakePovertyHistory. I was wondering if it was possible to make my own band.
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    How can I make my own band like the MakePovertyHistory white band?
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    Memory usage with Firefox out of control

    I use FF 1.0.6 (the latest) and it only takes 25MB when running.