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    Supermicro Server questions

    Its not possible to run a standard atx motherboard in a 2u supermicro chassis is it? I was hoping to replace the server motherboard with an Ryzen system and use the case since it has the drive bays in front... Seems possible so far with an adapter cable for the front panel pins, but theres...
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    The Post Your Old/Retro Builds Thread

    Hah! I still have that power supply and it still works!
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    Vmware CPU Issues

    I dont know what I was doing wrong, but now it isnt greyed out. works fine like youve shown. I just dont get it, but it works now so im happy. thank you for the help
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    Vmware CPU Issues

    But why cant it be 1 cpu socket, with 4 cores?
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    Vmware CPU Issues

    yes powered off, no cpu hot add enabled, 1 chaged cpu sockets to 2, which allowed for two cored, but I want to be able to run 1 socket 4 cores.
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    Vmware CPU Issues

    Im running a supermicro server, its got dual E5-2650's 8c/16t This is the version im running 6.5.0 Update 3 (Build 17477841) The issue im having is I cannot add more than 1 cpu per VM. it allows me to add 1cpu socket the selector for core count is greyed out at 1 I cannot figure out how to...
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    I microwaved a R9 390X gaming and now my pc won't run after 3rd time

    Microwaved Computer Watch that video, thats what you did to your computer, just buy a new one and learn the lesson. toaster oven or conventional over or hair dryer, those are feasable ways to reflow a card or motherboard. what you did was murder.
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    new FS/FT rule?

    Kyle can we make a mandatory rule that for items priced above 100$ that pictures of the item along with serial number must be provided? or something like that? Also maybe require like written time stamp with account name or something? I know some memebers used to do that.
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    Widespread Comcast outages last night? Why?

    Its comcrap? dont they have DNS server issues at least once a summer? they have always been bad.
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    Waterblock for RTX 2060 Super?

    currently cooling CPU only with a closed loop 240, thats why I wanted to know what the video card would need, so custom loop with a 360 it will be most likely
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    Waterblock for RTX 2060 Super?

    Do such blocks exist? also How big of a radiator do you think the card needs on its own?
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    Supermicro X9DRI-F no post or beeps

    Thats low voltage on the CPUs the voltage range ive read is 0.65-1.30v its a small difference, but I think your board has power delivery issues.
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    How long do keyboards last?

    Ive had my Saitek eclipse II for over 15+ and it works fine, LED's are a touch dim but it all works. Also have a compaq ps2 keyboard from the 90's thats been in use and working and still is to this day. Its more of a how they are used and kept that makes the difference.
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    Brother wants to trade cards- help

    We trade hardware all the time, he wants to do gpu mining and I just want a simple stable gaming rig that works
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    Brother wants to trade cards- help

    Would it help to know im a light gamer? I dont play new titles really, mostly Rust, and Diablo 2 Resurrected will be my new go to