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    The state of VR technology

    VR technology is stagnating because Oculus has cut the legs out of the market with the Oculus quest 2. For its price point, it blows away competitive products from a user experience standpoint, and I am fairly certain that FB is selling them at a loss. Additionally, the lack of AAA game...
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    Cyberpunk is Available - Lets share how your GPU/CPU is performing

    This is absolutely true, both 460.89 and 460.79 introduced an issue with elevated blacks in HDR. Games look like shit right now with it on for me. I am playing on 457.51 right now. To your point about cyberpunk specific HDR issues, from what I can tell they are using some sort of faux hdr...
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    Nvidia CEO says buying a Gpu without raytracing is crazy...

    Given his penchant for biker jackets, I think he plays alot of "Road Rash"
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    Nvidia CEO says buying a Gpu without raytracing is crazy...

    Except when they release the same product(1080ti) with rtx effects tacked on(2080) and then mark it up considerably higher than the card its replacing on launch. I get that they had a lack of competition for a while but that sort of sleazy behavior tends to bite them in the ass when competition...
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    2080 Ti and/or Titan RTX BLACK coming soon...

    Nvidia is going to get a big kick in the nuts from reality when amd high end gpus come out next year, just look at the de-pantsing they are doing to Intel in the server market with rome. If you don't need a card today, do yourself a favor and wait till next year, your wallet will thank you.
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    Uplay DLC purchases don't work with steam games

    More importantly in regards to steam, allowing cross activation opens up big loopholes to avoid the transaction fee associated with steam purchases. A publisher could sell the game client on steam for a dollar then the rest of the game as a $59 DLC on their store.
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    What games do you have preordered?

    Nothing pre-ordered, I usually can find it the week of its release on sale for ~25% off and I'm not really motivated by pre-order bonuses anymore so other than blindly showing faith in a dev I don't see the point, I do Kickstart projects I am enthused about.
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    When is a 2080ti refresh due to hit market?

    Nvidia has very little reason to do a refresh on the 2080ti unless the 2080 super gets dangerously close in performance. Even so they might just do a price cut to $999 or something still ludicrous.
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    Zen 2 Review Summary

    Or wait a couple weeks for when Intel has to start cutting prices to stay competitive.
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    Looking to rebuild audio system, seeking advice

    I agree on yamaha being fucking awesome. Unlike other brands that tend to lean toward home theater or music at the exclusion of the other, the yamahas do both equally well. Also pro tip, check, you can score a sweet deal on a refurb receiver. I picked up an aventage rx-a2060...
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    Learning more about projector screens which would you get?

    I have the 92" silver ticket in white, it is also great. Easy to put together and mount. Don't waste your money on some stupid $2,000 screen.
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    *REFURBISHED* ZOTAC GeForce® GTX 1080 Ti - $439.99 + tax & S&H

    First, your warranty comment is only for certain brands of video cards. Second, fuck yeah I want to save 25% on nearly identical performance, DLSS be damned. Sure you are going to see some flagship games get paid by nvidia to support it, but you are really a fool if you think that's going to...
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    *REFURBISHED* ZOTAC GeForce® GTX 1080 Ti - $439.99 + tax & S&H

    RTX2080 performance without the bullshit RTX price!
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    Monoprice Air Motion Cinema 5 Bookshelf Speaker $100 (DEAD)

    I am not making an argument that you can do it cheaper on the low end. You are absolutely right on that and I never said otherwise. I was talking more about the high end and that you can do champaign on a beer budget if you willing to diy.
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    Monoprice Air Motion Cinema 5 Bookshelf Speaker $100 (DEAD)

    Ever heard of parts express? They sell diy kits with precut cabs along with instructions on how to wire and solder the crossovers. I built a set of the c-note kits over a weekend and they sound amazing. I really only mention it because this is a diy site and if you know how to build a pc this...