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    Printer to write on DVD

    I use 16x LG DVD-R(Printable) and I want to buy a cheap printer (preferably lazer) to write on DVDs. Can someone suggest a cheap printer suitable for printing on DVD. I won't be using it much, and I don't need colour. I checked some lazer printers on the net, but it doesn't clearly say it...
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    Samsung 226BW panel question, settings

    I bought 226BW few days ago, its manufactured August 2007. Doesn't have S or A written at the back. So i tried the service function, but it still doesn't tell me the details on panel. (Set contrast and brightness to 0, Press the « Menu » button, Press the « Source » button for 5 secs)...
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    Cheap, simple upgrade - need advice

    Thought bout getting 2G ram (or maybe even faster ram for oc), but i don't think games I play will benefit much from it, its probably better to spend that extra $40 on video card. I have limited budget, I'm only upgrading cpu, mobo, ram so I can use the faster PCI-E video card for higher res...
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    Cheap, simple upgrade - need advice

    My ageing system gets ~4.5k in 3dmark05, mainly use it for games (world of warcraft, guild wars, need for speed most wanted/carbon, quake 4, doom 3, etc, all at 1280x1024 res). I want to upgrade the video card n LCD so i can play games at 1680x1050 res, n hopefully with faster fps. Current...
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    Retards at EA ruined NFS MW :(

    I like NFS and I've played (and finished) all NFS except for the latest one, Carbon. Got MW when it first came out but didn't have much chance to play til now. I really liked Underground 1 and 2, and I also like everything about MW, except for one thing; stupid pink slip. When you beat the...
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    Sony DVDRW any good?

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    one os n two pcs

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    Specs on Philips??? monitors?

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    19" Hyundai L90D any good??

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    omg i HATE this spyware..

    cool thx, that superantispyware actually decected it and removed it automatically. :) spyware doctor couldnt even detect it. :(
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    omg i HATE this spyware..

    normally i check with spyware doctor(or something similar from then delete files and/or registery manually.. cos i dont have registered spyware doctor. if its really bad i can format my hdd and reintall everything easily so its not too much prob for me. anyway this new one i got...
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    My Leadtek video card is finally dead..

    After few emails, one nice dude from Leadtek replied back. I filled in online RA ( as instructed so I hope I can get the RA done through local wholesaler soon. "Please link to our website to get the RMA form, fill it up and submit it to us on line...
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    Problem??? Random Shutdown only while gaming

    b4 u blame the PSU without any proof, underclock the GPU on your video card(use powerstrip or rivatuner) and c if solves the problem. if it does then its the video card, if not then u can start to blame other parts like PSU.
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    My Leadtek video card is finally dead..

    I've used many Leadtek video cards so far and I'm happy to say all were good but one gave me bit of trouble. It was 6800 AGP, came with nice copper heatsink but some reason it ran much hotter than other 6800 AGP cards i have. I think maybe its due to the quite fan, cos heatsink certainly looks...