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  • Howdy :)

    I'm pricing up a build based around the GA-AB350M-D3H, and I saw your post in the Ryzen memory speeds thread. Do you still have this board? What are your impressions of it? Any weirdness?

    Thanks. :)
    Hey cbutters, I saw one of your previous posts about using WHS and figured that I'd send you a message with a quick WHS 2011 question that I came across as I was doing my install. Hopefully you can give me some direction.

    I have a PC that I'm setting up as a home server. I installed a 160GB drive and loaded WHS on it. WHS partitioned that drive into aprox 60GB for the OS and 100GB for the shared folders. I will eventually connect 2x2TB and 1x250GB drives and move the shared folders from the 100GB partition over to these larger drives. But then I'm not sure what to do with the 100GB partition that will be left?? I wouldnt think that I shouldnt store anything on it since it's part of the OS drive, but I dont really want to have 100GB just sitting out there unused. And the one time in the past that I've tried to move a partition on a system drive caused me a week of rescuing data and reinstalling Windows. Any suggestions for this 100GB partition??

    Thanks in advance.
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